Enlightenment is what we are discussing in this episode. The way I see it, enlightenment is a state of being. A state of conscious expansion. It is like a journey as vast as the Universe may be.


“Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity.”

– Immanuel Kant

There is no end to enlightenment!

Discoveries upon discoveries, about who we are, mainly. Enlightenment is not a place we reach. Somewhere we arrive at. It is a very reasonable and logical realization. Also, it is a practice, too; a way of being. A way of seeing life. Thus, thinking in a certain way. It is a way of acting and living in everyday life. A conscious decision to follow a path of growth. An intentional path of conscious expansion of awareness.

Therefore, to live as enlightened human beings, we must let go of any preconceived ideas we may have about enlightenment. So, we receive what it is as it is. We get stronger intellectually, make clearer decisions and grow, by our conscious intent.

Some people think enlightenment means following certain spiritual traditions. Or meditate for decades, keep a certain diet, etc.

Live in a state of continual bliss!

No challenges in their everyday life. Hmm?!

This could be true, and possible, too. However, since enlightenment is a conscious decision to follow a path of growth, I think, you can attain it anywhere.

We can work in every possible area while doing many practical things with our lives. Through daily challenges, we can create many positive results for ourselves and for other people, too. Our work, our labor, our way of being and living can be the path to it.

Our actions can provide us with opportunities for growth. We naturally move towards our goals when we are focusing our minds intentionally and purposefully while doing whatever kind of actions we are engaged in. Mind focusing is called thinking. Therefore, through thinking, which you study right now, you can achieve enlightenment.

It is a practice.

Enlightenment is a deliberate and intentional daily activity. Practice life intentionally and be amazed to discover how evolved you already are. See how enlightenment comes entirely from within. It is made active by a conscious practice of life; by our new understanding of ourselves.

Therefore, we are enlightening, we are growing by consciously deciding to connect with who and what we are while tuning in. Thus, we are ending the trance state in which many people are living and are confusing with life.

Make sense?

In the coming episode, we are discussing What is channeling?


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