“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Sir Isaac Newton

On one hand, Zingnificent exists today because of my investment and commitment into my passion:

The Mechanics of Conscious Change for Deliberate Transformation.

On the other hand, because of my friend, Codrin.

The book, the courses, the blog articles and everything we provide for you here is a synthesis of my experiences combined with Codrin’s, together with his willingness to join me in my labor-of-love-dream. Studying my beloved teachers, personal mentors, and some of the enlightened authors of our world, I love so much, I have transformed.

My paradigm shift started in Theatre College.

Acting out other people’s lives has this effect on me. Particularly, the works of William Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov got me thinking seriously about the gift of the human journey.

Shortly after College, the personal development world convinced me forever. Some of my first “Aha!” moments began with:

  • James Redfield – Author of “The Celestine Prophecies” series.
  • Joseph Murphy – Author of “The Extraordinary Power of Your Subconscious Mind!”
  • Neal Donald Walsch – Author of “The conversation with God” series.

A bit later, in 2006…

just like hundreds of millions of other people…

I watched Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”. That experience set me on a track to discover some amazing people. Many of them, alive, and available to us, today.

  • Bill Harris – My original mentor, the creator of the Holosync meditation technology & director of Centerpointe Research Institute.
  • Paul Scheele – Author of Photoreading, creator of Paraliminals and of many other genius programs at Learning Strategies Corporation.
  • Chunyi Lin – Qigong master, author, founder of Spring Forest Qigong.
  • Tony Robbins – I believe he needs no introduction.
  • The NLP Comprehensive Team – They broke down for me the relatively new branch of psychology, called NLP, developed in the late 60 by Richard Bandler & John Grinder.
  • Bob Proctor – One of the most successful and influential success coach today.

The immortal authors:

  • Louise Hay – a most inspiring Lady, one of the founders of the self-help movement.
  • Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – One of the greatest sages of India.
  • Sri Rajneesh Bagwan a.k.a. Osho – A highly charming non-conformist mistic.
  • Napoleon Hill – Author of “Think and Grow Rich”.
  • Maxwell Maltz, MD – Author of “Psycho-Cybernetics”
  • Jim Rohn – One of the most elegant and witty business & life philosopher, ever.
  • Earl Nightingale – “The Duke” of Personal Development.
  • Reverend Ike – The Prosperity & Self-Image Psychology Evangelist.

The most inspiring channelers:

  • Orin and DaBen – Light consciousness channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.
  • Esther and Jerry Hicks & The Teachings of Abraham.
  • Bashar – An Extraterrestrial Consciousness channeled by Darryl Anka.
  • Dolores Cannon – Author, and creator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

And, this was just to name a few of my resources!

Also, Gordana Biernat, author of “Know The Truth” and my beautiful Twitter friend. And, Kain Ramsey, an outstanding instructor, the founder of Achology. Kain, as I turned 41, inspired me to allow myself to be who I am.

Finally, my most beloved teacher, the one who speaks my heart out: Neville Goddard, author of the 10 books I’m taking with me everywhere.

It is my highest joy to share with you some of what I have gained through study, practice, observation and more practice!


Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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