Beliefs, and the 10 principles about beliefs given to me by my mentor, Bill Harris, is what I’m sharing with you in this episode of the “Think Zing!” series.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.”

– Anthony Robbins

So far, we have covered a model that describes what we do within us to create our reality, both internal and external.

Let’s, very briefly, review this model.

We experience something through our senses. That is, we see something, hear something, touch or feel something, smell something, or taste something. In other words, we have an experience. These sensory impressions, the information received from reality, first passes through a number of mental filters, which delete huge amounts of it, distort it in various ways, and then create generalizations with what is left.

So, what are the filters, then? How many do we have? And, how do we use them? How did we get them? Great questions! We are wondering again, and you saw how many wonderful ideas can come out of wondering.

The three very important mental filters that are crucially important in determining how we create our reality, are our beliefs, our mental direction filter, and our values. We are covering all three of them in Filtering, the fifth part of the “Think Zing!” book.

Let’s look at beliefs, first!

Until now all our caregivers, parents, teachers, relatives, authority figures, some driven by the love they have for us, others fearing about what kind of future we may have, acted as the absolute holders of all the answers regarding us, our life, and our way of living it.

This is a mistake!

It can be an innocent mistake. However, still, it is a mistake.

Because you felt attracted to this book, clearly, you are in the nick of time to do your own thinking. Form new beliefs. Unleash your genius. Serve your inner being. The humankind…

… and, the very planet you have landed on.

Most of the beliefs you are holding to be true right now were formed under your own self-imposed limitations. That is because of the way you were raised by your parents and caregivers.

While you advance with this book, while you discover who you really are, many of your old beliefs about yourself and the world will dissolve.

You will form new ones based on your newly discovered truths of what and who you are. You have held yourself captive in your own interpretation of reality enough!

The beliefs!

All your beliefs are nothing more than ideas, definitions, and rules. Mostly unconscious definitions that you have about everything, and that you hold to be true. The beliefs in themselves are not intrinsically true or false.

Not everybody believes what you believe! Look at your family, your relationships, especially look at those areas in which you experience conflicts. I am reminding you that you can only experience conflict with someone when your beliefs don’t match someone else’s beliefs.

That is the only way!

All the conflicts are beliefs conflicts, essentially.

Everything you know, thus believe to be true, you know it because somebody, someone, something told you it is so. From very early in your life you have unconsciously and automatically begun to adopt the beliefs of your environment. Family, relatives, the education and the culture, you grew up in.

You needed the definitions you have adopted to give meaning to every experience you have experienced in your life. Also, to grow.

This is how you form perception;

With massive filtering!

Without these definitions for everything, you would not really have any life experience, good or bad. Therefore, you have become who you are because of the way you perceive yourself and every aspect of our life. You did that because of the definitions you have. By that, I mean the beliefs you hold to be true about everything you experience. You really became whatever you believe about yourself because all your beliefs are true for you.

That means that whatever you hold as truth right now, shapes every aspect of your life. Good, bad or indifferent. It does! Also, it means that you can expand your perception and choose more expansive beliefs, as you understand and apply the mechanics of everything you are learning about you, here.

I am sharing with you 10 principles about beliefs I got from Bill Harris. Once I understood these ideas… I’ve never been the same.


Because as I went through them, as I studied them, new information came in! New information literally formed inside me. That means new brain pathways, new brain plasticity. New thoughts. Different emotions. New behaviors. Different results.

Why? Because I start to get new ideas, make new definitions, finally, choose new beliefs! Now, it’s your turn. Your time.

Your life will never be the same once you understand these things. I promise!


Considering your early life interactions and experiences, especially with your primary caregivers, you have formed beliefs about who you are and what your relationship is to the rest of the world.


Beliefs, in combination with other aspects of the way you perceive reality, your internal map of reality, create or attract the results, circumstances, and experiences of your life. According to what you believe, you’ll find a way to create consistency between your life and your beliefs.


Significant negative emotional experiences create beliefs that are not resourceful and cause you to focus on what you do not want. The emotional charge from such negative experiences makes you think that you must avoid what you don’t want.


Since everything is true to the person who believes it, because you’ll create or attract, or invent whatever evidence you need, evaluating beliefs based on whether they’re true or false, isn’t helpful.


A very effective way to replace beliefs that don’t serve you is to begin to watch, with awareness, the process of how what you believe creates what happens in your life.


Once you’ve watched this process of creating your reality, with awareness, and, as a result, you’ve caused a belief that doesn’t serve you to dissolve or expand into a more resourceful one, you can then consciously choose more resourceful beliefs that create the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical results you want.


A key step in replacing beliefs that don’t serve you is to discover what you truly believe.


Another way to determine what you believe is to look at the results you’re getting in your day-to-day life. What you believe is manifested in reality, generating certain results.


As long as you continue to hold the same beliefs, you’ll continue to get the same results. There’s no way to continue to hold the same beliefs and get different results. To get different results, you must be willing to adopt different beliefs. For example, the beliefs of others who are getting the results you also want.


To install a new belief, focus on it, think about it, often and in every way, you can think of.

These ten principles are enriching my life every day. Bill was a multimillionaire. Also, he created a wonderful business, sharing meditation technology, personal development tools, and information. I love Bill. I trust him. You don’t have to believe Bill. Or me. It’s enough to believe in You, so you allow yourself to get better results in life.

Assimilate them all!

Finally, I’ll share with you the hint Bill gave me:

The best way to absorb them is to teach them to others!

Obviously, to do so, you must first own them inside you; allow them to be an integral part of your perception. In the coming episode, we’ll discuss another important filter of reality: Mental Direction.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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