Brain stages, or How did we develop our antenna? is our subject in this episode of the “Think Zing” series!

“A child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”

– Pablo Casals

Brain stages or antenna development is what we are covering now.

As you remember, at the beginning of this segment I’ve stated that our antenna began to develop before our actual birth. The first brain level that can be detected even before our physical birth is the delta level. Our brains are at this level while we are in our mother’s womb. So, as babies, we have stayed mostly in the delta level, until 2-4 years old.

We were sleeping a very large part of the time.

As we grew, we have begun to use more of the brain frequency spectrum and faster frequencies. I’ve learned that from 4 years old to about 7 years old our brain functioned mostly in the alpha and theta level. We have used our imagination enormously. Also, we were entirely driven by instinct and intuition. Free from any specific educational and cultural training processes. The brain stages occurred naturally.

Before 7 years old, we have had a never-ending curiosity regarding the world we have landed in. We have lived the peak of our hunger for learning anything we could learn while using everything we have realized we have at your disposal.

All of the brain.

Also, all our multiple bits of intelligence. The entire body-mind complex together with our sensory senses, which we’ll cover next.

Our reception was clean, complete, continuous and constant. This fact is proven by the brain frequencies our brain continuously made before we were 7 years old.

We have learned to speak, some of us more than one language. Also, we’ve learned to:

  • walk,
  • run,
  • dance,
  • shout,
  • build and use various toys or tools,
  • talk,
  • sing,
  • draw,
  • spit,
  • chew,
  • swallow food,
  • blow our nose,
  • whistle.

And so many other things we just take for granted! Not appreciating the gifts and our growth through the brain stages we naturally go through.

We have used our eyes, our mouth and tongue, our fingers, spit, hands, feet, all of it simultaneously in every experience we have entered. Also, we have learned how to distinguish colors, images, tastes, and sounds.

“I really love being human. But some days I really wish I could be a fairy.”

– Greta, age 4

Now, some facts about our brain stages after we turn 7!

Generally speaking, some brain scholars observed, that the level of information and skills we have acquired before 7 years old is much larger than everything else we have learned, after 7 years old. (Before 7 years old we were continuously in the alpha level and lower, and, while we were intuitively receiving through our whole brain) Before 7 years old we used everything, we got.

Absolutely everything!

Then, we went to school!

Interestingly enough, the same brain scholars observed that by that time, anywhere after 7 years old, our brain started to function at a much higher range of brain frequencies. What does this mean to you, considering everything we have covered so far?

A much higher brain frequency means beta. What happens with our brain while being in the beta level? It is lateralized. Meaning, it is functioning with just one predominant brain hemisphere at a time. When does this happen?

It happens when the old brain takes over.

Why is the old brain taking over? Because it doesn’t feel emotional and physical safety!

So, finally, what happens?

Our reception strength gets poor. Therefore we receive just parts of what we can naturally receive. Coming back to emotional and physical safety, what does the following reminds you of:

Shut up! Be quiet! Hey, pay attention when I speak to you? You are grounded!

Did you remember school by any chance?

I did!

Now, as important as school was (and it still is), it shuts most children off. Our natural brain stages, brain’s natural development, gets hijacked by conformity. School as it was so far and still is in most cases, unfortunately, doesn’t seem brain compatible at all. Something must change. Or, our innate thinking abilities remain challenged from its very early stages of development.

I believe that with your change, my change and with the global awakening that we all go through, we might see this change in this lifetime. You and many people like you and me are already leading this change.

However, I will not insist much about it.

The times we’ll show us.


Let’s, now, activate inside us what we have covered so far through a quick recap. So we own this information!

Our antenna, the receiver through which we receive whatever is being conceived by our higher selves and higher minds is composed of tens of billions of neurons. They are literally firing energy and then resting in a process called brain frequencies. Or brain wave patterns, or brain levels. All three describe one thing: the number of times the neurons are firing and then resting in a second.

There are 4 popular brain levels we have discussed.  When our brain produces faster frequencies, it is at the beta level. As it slows down, it is producing slower brain frequencies, named alpha, theta, and delta. In lower levels, we restore our natural reception state. We get a more expanded reception of information. So, we begin to feel more integrated with everything else!

More peaceful and more insightful.

We have discussed the basic structure of our brain, our receiver; the so-called old brain and the two brain hemispheres. The two brain hemispheres naturally communicate with each other forming what is called brain synchronization.

It is very important to keep in mind that brain synchronization happens only when the old brain feels emotionally and physically safe. In other words, happy and relaxed. That tends to happen automatically while you are in the alpha level.

In alpha is how you keep the old brain happy, alpha being where our brain used to stay when we were little. The ideal learning state, which you need to create to read and play with this book as well, happens only if you feel safe emotionally and physically.

That is the alpha level.

The more you’ll stay in alpha the more you’ll be able to enjoy your life, accept yourself, find out who you really are, and, love yourself in the process.

If by any chance you are already a teacher or a parent, keep in mind that you have to create physical and emotional safety for others, too, if you want to teach them anything. Or, share with them about your new understanding of who we are, and of our world.


It is simply effective, efficient and productive. More importantly, it is compatible with our natural brain stages.

Thus, whoever listens to you, receives naturally the meanings of what you express! That is a clear reception of that which is conceived by your higher self and mind.

In the coming episode, before we are transitioning into Perceiving, we’ll discuss some of the multiple intelligences available to us since birth.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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