Brain sync, or brain synchronization, is our subject today at our Think Zing!” series. Going towards understanding is our big aim here. Which is why you need to know what does meditation do for us!


“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain!”

– Mark Twain

While being in a meditative state, our brain functions wholly. Technically and literally. This is brain sync, and in meditation, we get our brain’s hemispheres in sync. So, they function simultaneously. Studying with Bill Harris, the creator of the Holosync Meditation Technology, and one of the teachers from “The Secret”, I’ve learned that most people suffer from brain lateralization. They use one dominant brain hemisphere, at any given time. Then the other, instead of the whole brain. No brain sync.

Therefore, most people live a trance, distorting, deleting and generalizing reality in a way that is discomforting. So, the trance becomes reality. Everything seems separated, dissipated and segregated.

However, the reality is a huge symbiotic complex.

An infinite stream of information. No separation. It may appear so because of a lateralized brain. This is where meditation comes in handy. Meditation gets our brain’s hemispheres back in sync, functioning as one. As it is meant to function.

Thus, we make new neuronal pathways. That leads to more flexibility, fluidity, and communication between our brain hemispheres. Then, we get to feel this new plasticity of our brain, due to our meditative state, as more of everything. An expansion of our very being.

The brain sync is felt like a profound inner peace.

Happiness; an experience of connection with the Universe, with All That Is. We see more; feel more.

Therefore, we get more. Anything we pay attention to, we learn much faster, and we receive the vision. We become constant suppliers of solutions for ourselves, and others, too. Brain sync is a physical expression of the experience we go through when we consciously or unconsciously connect with our higher minds.

Besides everything:

It’s FUN!

Make sense? I’d love to hear how you feel about it; how do YOU see it?!

Remember to download the Think Zing! How to be YOU! book. In it, I share more about my own experiences with meditation.

In the coming episode, we’ll discuss: How to do meditation?

Until then, be well.

Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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