In this episode, we start discussing the second part of the “Think Zing!” book: Conceiving.


“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

– Napoleon Hill

As you remember from Wondering, I promised I will ask you once again: Does this make sense to you? You don’t need to answer right now. Just ask yourself, see what comes up!

In Conceiving, you will learn about:

  • What is the higher mind?
  • Inspiration, intuition, and creativity; the higher mind’s language!
  • Imagination, the oven of reality.

This is Conceiving. It is synonymous with imagination.

In the previous chapter through my questions and answers, I have started to offer my own observations about reality. I believe, the reality is an unlimited flow of information containing everything seen and unseen, yet, all together. Therefore, I have already described how we are dealing with it, while being in it and while being it, also.

As I’ve told you, there are seven phases we all go through as a life continuum process, through which we process information.

A vibrant with life field of intelligent information.

That is where conceiving takes place. We begin to really think deliberately when we start to wonder about our reality; our life, our results. Generally speaking, we do that, when at one point in our life, we somehow notice: stuff doesn’t make sense anymore.

As we wonder about that, as we research and study, which is what you do right now, we begin to discover that our higher mind conceives what we experience as reality. Also, we realize that our brain is our receiver, our antenna, which receives whatever is conceived by our higher mind. Finally, we understand that our physical mind is the perceiver of our own version of reality; meaning our daily life.

Furthermore, we begin to realize that we filter our perception with various, let’s call them, biological tools such as beliefs, mental direction (predilection), and values. As we filter our perception we realize we are opening for understanding. Lastly, as we begin to understand, we wonder again into a new cycle of growth. And all that means deliberate thinking.

A life lived by conscious intention!

So, we are wondering, conceiving, receiving, perceiving, filtering, opening, and, finally understanding. That’s how we think. It’s better to be aware of these phases, rather than let them happen by autopilot because they happen anyway. When these phases happen by autopilot we are just busy minded. When we are aware of them happening and are intentional and deliberate about how they happen, we are thinking deliberately.

And that’s the difference between mental activity and thinking. Big difference, I say.

Throughout this book, I will explain in detail, and, as simple as I can:

  • what each of the phases is
  • what they do
  • and how they work with each other, as one.

I broke them into pieces!

We can look at each part separately so we can better understand each part’s role in our own functioning. However, I underline, that all these main components of who and what we are, together with everything else that springs out of them, are always working in concert as one. Always! Nothing is really separate in All that Is! Even if we, still, have to consciously awake to the realization of Its Divine Perfection.

So, in a way, I am telling you stuff, about stuff we generally take for granted. However, many of us, don’t really get their true meaning and practical functionality. In reality, we only have theses and theories about almost everything. For some reason, we have accepted these ideas as proven – if anything can be absolutely proven for all of us –  absolute truths.

So how come we believe stuff to be true if we don’t even know how we came to believe it?

It’s a challenge we all have and it is also a blessing!

Rather than deciding we know stuff, let’s admit we don’t really know that much. Thus, we start to wonder! As I have explained already, we naturally open up to more.

To the yet unseen, to the new, to the unexplainable and mysterious inner being out of which we came from and where we always are. This is Conceiving.

Let’s, now, poke through it and see what our poking opens within us.

What is the higher mind?

You’ve heard terms like the subliminal mind, non-conscious, unconscious mind, inner mind, superconscious, hyper-conscious, etc. All these terms are all right! Various scholars, scientists, and authors from various times described their own understanding and given name for a non-physical part of us, essentially. Let’s agree, we will call it: the higher mind!

I have found out that this non-physical part of us is also within our higher self. What is our higher self, then? As I see it, and, to keep it simple, it is a non-physical, not always invisible part of who we are, as a whole. Our most natural self. It is, if you will, what we are before embodying the bodies we have, and where we return to after being in our bodies, too.

While the acknowledgment of the higher mind and higher self was more like a subterranean current in our world (especially in the western world) today, it has surfaced as a much more mainstream current of daily conversation. I believe you noticed this fact, too. The reason this phenomenon starts to spread all over the world is the very times we are living in.

People are awakening at planetary proportions!

The challenge is most people don’t know what to believe about it. I have had this challenge myself and I have found out what a blessing this challenge really is.

Nevertheless, awakening, the conscious realization of our deepest core truth is no longer just an eastern thing, mystic or hippie, apparently denigrated to a certain degree by some people. Because some old systems are failing, because our world is in turmoil at times, shifting between breakdown and breakthrough, this type of information we are studying here, I believe, is vital to be understood. I also noticed an unprecedented level of mind-blowing opportunities available to all of us; if, and when, we think deliberately!

Therefore, Conceiving must be acknowledged. Self-awareness is, in my opinion, the key that can unlock riches beyond belief, available on Earth today.

For the time being, let’s just say we are consciously aware of more:

A sometimes unseen and maybe, yet, unnamed more.

You and I are beginning to realize, on an everyday conscious conversational level, that physical circumstances and all the physical stuff we perceive, must have an unseen oven that bakes them before we get to see, touch, and handle them. This unseen oven is obviously of a non-physical fabric. It perfectly conceives our reality.

We just need to work at the way we receive and perceive It’s conception. Here, we are committed to rewire our receptor, the brain, and open up our preceptor, the physical mind, so we can think freely.

The brain and the physical mind, are currently poorly functioning for most of us. Like the most advanced pieces of biotechnology, ran with old, incompatible software, that needs a massive bug-cleaning and updates. Whatever they receive and perceive, we, then, filter. The filters we use being:

  • some of the beliefs we have,
  • the values we hold to be meaningful for us,
  • and the emotions we generate out of them.

We use the filters to shift our most natural vibration. Thus, we attract and become attracted to thoughts of a similar vibration that become our behavior, social attitude, daily action and the results we get in life.

Simply put; it’s what we become.

This is, mechanically speaking, how we create our reality to be what it is. It is the very opposite of a, let’s call it formula, that most of us believe to be true:

“I have to see it to believe it”.

That’s not, really, how reality works. Thus, it is not how we work. In our case, the “Believing is seeing” formula is truly accurate for the process of creating and expanding life. Even though it may sound like a fairy tale. Still, this is the essence of Conceiving.

If you look a little at it: “Believing is seeing”, is a very logical idea, no matter how skeptic we are.

If we don’t believe something about something else, we don’t get to have an experience about it, whatever it is.

We don’t perceive it.

Beliefs are fundamental for our life experience, so, why not chose them deliberately? We will cover them in depth in Part 5, and, even deeper, in Part 8. Back to Conceiving, now.

Probably in every culture on Earth, we can find pieces of evidence, signs, and wonders made by people through the power of conceiving. The higher mind, that is. The people who told us about what is possible for human beings are too many to mention. However, at the same time, formal education and men made rules is teaching us to believe only in what we get through our five senses.

Even if, simultaneously, through the same man-made rules, we are asked to believe other unseen stuff. Eventually, many of us decide to believe, and, hold as truths some ideas. Our decision to believe in something we cannot see is a choice. So, why not, make an educated, logical and resourceful for you, choice?

Take a look at any organized religion.

This is a good example of stuff we don’t see, but we believe anyway, often times against ourselves as a race; the human race, or, the world.

“Believing is seeing!” is, the way I see it, one of the principles of Creation. What you send out, by what you believe, is what you get back, because you believe it. Question is: what do we believe? How what you believe today to be true about you, is working for you? It may work for the purposes of an automatically unconscious generated culture and society.

However, if this is the case, you are then unconsciously working in helping to generate an unconscious working society. It is pretty crazy when you think about it.

So where are YOU in this process? Asleep? Maybe!

Do you still want to live asleep?

That is a good question!

A cultural story created by default, by many unconscious beliefs and values, as a collective consciousness, would work if those beliefs, no matter what they are, were aligned with the core of 7,000,000,000 human beings who are really so much more similar than different. Look at us! Is it working? It is obvious to me that the beliefs and values, which are forming our cultural story as humanity, in other words, the status- quo, needs a thorough examination.

This is one of the reasons, I have decided about a decade ago, to look at what we all have at our disposal as innate bio equipment, as I call it. By the conscious realization of what each component is and what it does and how we simultaneously and symbiotically work everything together as one, as the multidimensional being that we really are, we, then, open up and choose different beliefs about who and what we are. More resourceful ones, aligned with our most natural vibration.

Many enlighten people told us, throughout human history that it is more than just what we perceive through the senses.

They have constantly proved for us that:

There is far more in the unseen than there is in the seen.

Today, in a very scientific, social, cultural, business-oriented, high tech environment, our higher mind is acknowledged, increasingly more, every day.

A good example to back up my observations is Guy Kawasaki’s opinion about Steve Jobs’ visionary creative process. At a presentation about Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, who is the former Mac evangelist in the times Apple was run by Steve Jobs, described how Apple did focus groups to develop all the awesome products Apple has made over the years. Here is what Mr. Kawasaki said:

“It was very simple! Steve’s left-brain hemisphere communicated with his right brain hemisphere, and, he just knew and, then, he would tell us what to do. That was it!”

These were his exact words! It was 2011, our era when he said these exact words. If you believe he was just being funny and cute, keep in mind that Guy Kawasaki was talking about one of the most creative, resourceful, productive and successful people of our times: Steve Jobs. No mysticism, no funky rituals, and no obscure scenery.

Quite the contrary!

He described one of the most successful public businesses of all times so far, who changed the way we communicate, read, listen and work today. In 2011, according to, the Apple sales were worth $128 billion: more than 160 different nations’ gross domestic products.

Apple: a company created and managed by a rebel, a misfit, a failure at times, a school dropout, and a visionary who, according to the former Apple marketing executive, just trusted his brain synchronization.

Brain synchronization, in other words, stuff we don’t really see. We don’t see, as I’ve mentioned previously, none of our minds: the conceiver, our higher mind, and the perceiver, our physical mind. And yet, we all believe we have a mind. And, we do! We have both minds! All of us!

I’m not an expert in how Steve Jobs was creating things, but, the way I see it, he completely trusted his inspiration. His intuition and his imagination helped him create all the marvels that one day were just a dream in his mind. This is what all of us are doing every day to various degrees, and with various results, of course.

I call this process: mindful creation or deliberate thinking.

This is conceiving, in its conception phase: Something, someone has to believe, to be able to physically see it sometimes, someday. It is Conceiving.

Steve Jobs’ imagination is part of our daily life and culture, today. His own process of believing turned into stuff that we all see today. Steve Jobs has had inside him exactly what you and I have. More than this he convinced a few tens of thousands of co-workers and collaborators, and a good few millions of users from all over our planet to trust in his brain synchronization.

In other words, his receiving of that which was conceived by his higher mind, and perceived, today, collectively, by all of us.

Fairytale? Not really!

Guy Kawasaki, the man who described Steve Jobs’ methods, today is a venture capitalist, a business angel, and a rich man, being the father of his four children. Among other books, he wrote, “The Art of The Start” and “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions” which I highly recommend you read, too. These are beautiful books, filled with many very practical advice.

Today’s science, business, culture, and societies at large had acknowledged the existence of our higher mind. A vast number of scholars, researchers, and scientists, athletes or artists, from a while ago and until today, from William James and Carl Jung to Eddie Griffin and Al Pacino believe that our higher mind is linked up with the Universal Mind of the Infinite Universe.

That means that the higher mind can never be measured, it is beyond our current level of comprehension. Nevertheless, all the data we have so far is enough for us to know that our higher mind is there. We don’t really know how to describe it. Also, we don’t really know how to call it. We, obviously, can’t see it, but we all receive it, even when we don’t know what to make of it.

If you can accept this fact, that you have your own higher mind, which you cannot really describe, in a way that makes sense for all of us, you already started to open up.

You are living an awakening experience.

You are moving from wondering to conceiving. If you allow yourself to open up to the idea of your higher mind’s existence, I can and will show you how it communicates, consciously, with you.

It is almost always non-visible, silent, but present, and it uses such a different and wordless language, then the one we are used to accepting.

Ok. This was an introduction to Conceiving. In the coming episode, we’ll talk more about The Higher Mind’s Language.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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