This episode is about why deliberate thinking is the step you’ve been looking for!… And, why deliberate thinking is the solution to living by design, rather than by default!


“Get into a line that you will find to be a deep personal interest, something you really enjoy spending twelve to fifteen hours a day working at, and the rest of the time thinking about.”

— Earl Nightingale

Before anything else, let me admit one thing: I didn’t think for a very large part of my life. I was very busy minded, I was very busy, in general… but:

I wasn’t thinking.

You, too, may be like me back in the day, confusing mental activity with thinking. It’s important to be able to see the difference. Mental activity is NOT thinking. You see, in a formal school, nobody taught us how to think. We become educated, civilized, articulate, but, in my experience, I had discovered that the skill of thinking, mindful and deliberate thinking, comes from personal study.

Personally, I kinda felt a wake-up jolt, back in 2006, as I watched a very popular movie called The Secret. Some mock this movie and roll their eyeballs in disbelief. Nevertheless, over 500.000.000 people felt touched by it, and love it.

I’m one of those half billion people who love it, too. It got me on a track where I met one wonderful mentor after another, one wonderful course after another. I loved books all my life, but, somehow, the teachers from The Secret, opened a different perspective for me back in 2006. My pleasure for reading, transformed into my love for self-study, and, the study of self-awareness.

“Thoughts become things!”

I heard while watching the movie.

“We become what we think about”

This is another idea that awakened my desire to learn deliberate thinking, and how to be mindful.

I knew, right there and then, that I want to be like these teachers. They seemed so clear, so competent with their stories. It was obvious they were practicing something I didn’t, at the time. They were all highly articulate, wealthy, experienced, and very simple. Sophisticated and complex in appearance but simple and clear in their discourse. Straightforward. I could see they were deliberately thinking; while I didn’t at the time.

I also realized I have no idea what deliberate thinking is.

Back then! And, that’s when I’ve committed myself to study until I can practice the ideas I was hearing; until I live these ideas to their fullest. For the last decade and a bit more I’ve continuously studied the ideas I’m sharing with you here. I’ll never stop this deliberate practice. I must honestly say: only recently I started to feel that I can do deliberate thinking. It is a wonderful skill to practice intentionally and deliberately, of course. I believe, we are living today, the most interesting and abundant time humanity has ever lived. I do!

However, did you also notice, nowadays, most people are very confused? We all see and feel immense transformations in our society, in our culture, our families, our businesses, but, mostly in us. In our perception regarding how resourceful and productive we truly are, in any possible aspect of our life. Especially, when we are facing challenges.

The truth is, today, for many of us old stuff we were taught to believe about ourselves and the world, doesn’t make sense anymore.

This is a good thing!

Opportunities that were invisible suddenly seem as if falling out of the blue, for some of us. Abundance, prosperity, health, healing and well-being, new decisions, new body, new lifestyle, new times. Strengths we were unaware of are suddenly alive and vibrant in some of us. Why? I don’t really know why, but, I’ll tell you what I believe.

It looks, to me, like humanity is in an accelerated awakening mode! All of us! Yes, you, too! That’s why I believe mass confusion looks like ridiculously high is these amazing times of opportunities we are all living.

It looks, to me, like we are awakening to consciously acknowledge our higher selves. Our higher good. To more of everything, to what and who we truly are. We are awakening to the peak of our very own deliberate thinking and resourcefulness.

Still, all of us have a big challenge:

We don’t get it!

Thus, often times, we resist it! We don’t know how to handle it, how to go about it! Then, we mock it!

It can feel confusing and awkward. At it is so, I believe, mainly, because people don’t think! Please don’t get me wrong: by “people don’t think” I do not mean people are stupid. I don’t believe people are stupid. I believe people sometimes choose ignorance, and the price of ignorance is huge. However, many people choose it because they are programmed to choose so.

Yes! Programmed through repetition of words, spoon-fed beliefs, traditions, values, cultural and social limitations. You, me, we are all programmed, and we spend very large parts of our life on autopilot and not even know it.

Because of my investment in informal education, it is very easy for me, now, to understand why mass confusion is so high. Think about it! This accelerated awakening stuff that I believe is going on, is not something we learn about in school. Or at church. Or in any regular formal educational system that all of us go through in a form or another.

Quite the contrary!

This stuff is a rather unusual personal experience with no manual to it! Therefore, as we go through stuff we know almost nothing about, our deliberate thinking doesn’t happen. Thus, because we don’t think intentionally, due to social-cultural programming, many of us feel challenged, angry and threatened in times like this. Many of us lose our jobs, our money sources, which sometimes leads to losing our home and family, so we feel lost. We feel like failing; we are being programmed to fail.

Therefore, abundance, prosperity, health, healing and well-being, new decisions, new bodies, new lifestyle, new times are not apparent at all to many of us.

And, to make matters worse, thinking, or learning how to think, is not our main preoccupation in times like this. How sad and ironic to be blind and death due to programming in these full of massive opportunity times we are living on a planetary scale!

Most people feel stuff doesn’t make sense anymore!

However, being paralyzed-like by their programming, many people have no idea they can actually change. This, I believe, is both our biggest challenge and the greatest blessing, disguised in the challenge we, apparently, face.

I will be very detailed about it throughout “Think Zing! How to be YOU!”, and, throughout my work at

You see, I’ve learned we can only live the experience of failure, in any aspect of life, as a direct result of our unconscious, thus, unexamined core beliefs about the situations in which failure is experienced by us, combined with inertia. Meaning not doing anything about what’s going on, due to a killer combination: social-cultural programming and lack of deliberate thinking.

And we are not stupid; we just don’t think intentionally, mainly, because we don’t know how.

So where is the blessing, then?

It is in the very idea that we can do something about any situation occurs at any time in our lives. We have power over it when we decide to express it. We may not know what it is that we can do, and this is quite all right, because we may have to do stuff so new for us, that currently may seem incredible. However, just the idea that we have power over our own circumstances, when we realize the “how” of deliberate thinking, is great news.

This is when thinking becomes the key to our lives. Knowing the “how” of deliberate thinking means accelerated personal productivity and resourcefulness, while not knowing it, can only lead to our personal failure. Thinking, I’ve learned, makes the difference.

Is this making sense to you?

When we automatically and unconsciously believe something about any situation, and that situation, whatever it may be, doesn’t match what we truly believe about it anymore, boom!


Failure is what we live, then, be it in self-worth, friendship, marriage, parenthood, business, self-development, spiritual experiences, what-have-you. Do you follow?

Everything we know, thus believe to be true, we know, we believe it, because of somebody, someone or something who told us it is so. Parents, teachers, authority figures tell us what to believe ever since we were born. Thus, we believe what we are taught to believe, and, this is programming. And, this is our challenge, today!

When our deep core beliefs about whatever we experience in real life are floating inside us automatically and unconsciously, thus unexamined, and we find ourselves in situations that don’t match what we believe to be true about the situations in themselves anymore, we feel like failures. Thus, we may experience failure in its plenitude, in almost everything we are experiencing in life, because of what we believe about the very experiences we go through. Not because of the experiences in themselves.

Now those deep core beliefs are not originated by you, you see.

As I’ve already mentioned a few times already, your core beliefs are being spoon fed to you since birth.

You are not your own creation.

Think about it! You can be your own creation, but, you need to overwrite those core beliefs. I cannot overemphasize the importance of our beliefs. I’ll do my best to, shortly, point you towards understanding.

Beliefs affect our perception. Our perception affects our perspective. Perspective affects our experience of reality. Our personal, unique and individualized experience of reality – our own reality – reflects back to us, at us what we truly believe about it. Thus, our perception of reality gets affected, and so on.

Do you see?

It is all circling and spiraling up or down, because of our beliefs!

Am I making sense to you?

I hope so!

I really believe that all people want peace of mind, joyful living, happiness, love, and abundance. It is my belief that we are born wanting this stuff! It is an abundant Universe, full of all that is in Existence, our planet and our species included. Still, many of us, on an abundant Earth, in an abundant nature, experience lack, limitation, self-un-worthiness, depression, confusion, doubt, guilt, and shame, ultimately failure in various shapes and forms in our lives.

We experience not enough comfort, not good enough relationships with other people, not enough friends, not enough money, not enough time, not enough status, not enough joy, not enough love.

We become “not enough” in an abundant nature, an abundant Universe, an abundant planet.

It’s crazy!

Some of us go for various forms of help: from therapy to seminars. From personal mentoring to churches, ashrams, and various paths of self-help, spiritual growth, diets, and various forms of system cleansing. Some of us are constant skeptics.

For many of us, nothing seems to work. Some chose to drink, some take drugs, some smoke them, and still, no matter what some do, abundance is not apparent at all in an abundant Universe, nature, and planet.

Oh, I can relate!

You see, a while ago, I did everything I have mentioned above, and more, and, I believed nothing was working for me! I failed to see abundance in a thriving manner. My abundance was an abundance of problems and debts, for example.

Nevertheless, abundance is, and it is always, I’ve learned. Its nature reveals to us according to how we vibrate, thus, think. Due to a lack of intentional and deliberate thinking, our automatic core beliefs, run our lives for us.

Why is that?

I have told you, and I will repeat it many times throughout the “Think Zing!” book, this podcast, and my work at! Because of our unconscious, unexamined thus automatic beliefs, definitions about what is, ourselves included, we are abundantly experiencing failure in an abundant Universe, nature, and planet.

This I have understood, for good! I have lived failure in so many forms and shapes; I got sick and tired of it! Finally, I got it! I understood what beliefs really are, and I have started to grow out of the failure mood.

Understanding what I truly believed, meaning how I have unconsciously defined every relevant aspect of my life that I have used to unconsciously and completely unintentionally live the experience of failure, in all the various expressions I was experiencing it. I would not fail consciously! Nor would you!

So, then, I have examined some of my deepest beliefs, my definitions about reality, one by one. I saw what didn’t serve me anymore and have released everything I have found is not serving me now. Now, now!

 I mean, right now!

So, can you.

This is what you’ll be doing while reading, listening, watching my work, or even work with me, should you chose to.

My own reality, now, shifted into thriving. So, can yours. I have let all my experiences of failure go; my past, my poor old me, my old beliefs, old definitions, past memories, expectations of other people. Now I see abundance, I see possibilities and probabilities, I have a purpose, and, that to me, is thriving. And, I do not think I am special, or particularly smart, or lucky.

What I did was, paid the price of informal education; time and a fortune invested in specific education. I still pay it happily, and, so can you and anybody! And, then, you shift from ignorance to understanding, self-awareness, and, naturally, thriving.

Otherwise, nothing changes.

What is more important is that it gets worse!

Please, let new perspectives, new ideas, and new beliefs, new knowledge inform and form inside you. Take new actions; get different results. Live your life, and not some unconscious way of living.

Only a new perspective mixed with new knowledge will awake your natural thinking abilities, thus change your life for the better. As I have said before, I believe we, as species, are awakening. To me, it looks like we are now living immense transformations in every aspect of our life. I believe deliberate thinking is one of those vital few elements that will help us make this transition.

The way I see it; It’s not an event. It’s a process, and it’s on. We are in it already! Let it be! Trust it! Allow it! You would not be in existence, here, now, if you were not necessary and quintessentially important! Use your upheavals to open up! Let your own awakening experience start your deliberate thinking.

Follow this podcast, download the book I’ve written for you, and let the meanings of my words form in you. I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned from a few very good thinkers over the course of more than a decade, and much more.

In the coming episode, I’ll share with you how to use the “Think Zing!” book should you choose to download it (It’s FREE!) and work with it.

Be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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