Emotional physical safety is where we left off the previous episode. This is what the old brain (the reptilian and the mammalian complex) is constantly looking for. As you remember the old brain is crucially important in our reception of that which our higher mind conceives.

“The requirements for our evolution have changed. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now requires us to develop spiritually – to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices. It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul – harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.”

– Gary Zukav


Emotional physical safety, that is why!

This is the old’s brain responsibility.

So, what?

As you remember, whenever we don’t feel safe from an emotional and physical point of view, the old brain takes over. Thus, the brain’s hemispheres don’t communicate with each other, anymore. This lack of communication between them is called brain lateralization, as you know by now.

What does that mean?

It means we are out of brain synchronization. Out of the alpha brain level or lower. Thus, being in the beta brain level. In the beta level, we use just one brain hemisphere at a time, without using our whole brain anymore. As the old brain takes over, it affects and determines the shutting down of the brain’s hemispheres communication, meaning brain synchronization. Also, a natural meditative state of being.

In other words, we don’t receive what the higher mind conceives so well. Therefore, our perception, which we are discussing in the following chapter, is very much affected, due to a distorted, very much deleted and generalized reception.

Do you follow, so far?

In the state of brain lateralization, you tend to see yourself as if being separate from, and in opposition to the rest of the world. You even feel like you are in conflict with yourself while being in a state of brain lateralization. Thus, you fail to experience at a cognitive level the oneness that you truly are with your higher mind and your higher self. No sense of emotional physical safety.

Obviously, in this state of reception, of data receiving from your higher mind, you don’t receive much anymore. You cannot see or feel the interconnectedness between you and everything else. Whatever is then received gets instantly deleted, mostly. Then, whatever is left is distorted. Finally, it is generalized.

If you are right brain dominant and are unhappy, you are going to attack yourself inwardly. You may create all kinds of behaviors that will denigrate who you are, essentially. If you happen to be left-brain dominant and are unhappy, you attack outwardly. You attack other people with rage.


And, whatever else you may have in your attacking arsenal. Again, no sense of emotional physical safety.

The greater the lateralization in your brain the greater the feeling of separation you will feel. The greater the feeling of separation the greater the fear, stress, anxiety, and isolation you’ll feel. Your feelings, then, are producing dysfunctional or addictive behaviors. As a consequence, your life, your perception of it, becomes a carousel of emotional pain.

So whenever you find yourself immersed in this kind of behaviors, either denigrating yourself, either attacking other people, realize that your brain’s hemispheres are not communicating with each other anymore. You now function with one or the other kicking in at any given time. That is because your old brain – the reptilian, and the mammalian complex – is being under stress. That means, in a very simple language:

You feel emotional and or physically threatened.

As I’ve said before, you don’t get the sense of emotional physical safety, anymore. So, when you find yourself in such circumstances, to eliminate the effects produced by the brain lateralization, you have to de-stress your old brain. You need your two brain hemispheres to be in communication, again.

How do you do that?

Meditation is your key.

You are meditation, as I see it!

You are the key!

In a much simpler language, to recreate the brain’s balance, you have to create emotional and physical safety for yourself. Therefore, you can function at your best. That means keeping your old brain happy and relaxed. The most efficient method I have discovered in about two decades of passionate-obsessive research for intentional deliberate thinking is meditation.

Which is simply the brain’s hemispheres communication, or the brain’s synchronization for a natural state of reception. Obviously, and unfortunately, this discovery was not made in a formal school.

So, how do we do it?

By creating for ourselves a state of relaxed concentration on the reality of the present moment. Focusing on the aspects of a life that we truly like. This is meditation. We slow our life down from the restless busyness so often resourceful-less, that is keeping us in limiting trances. We connect, depending on the depth of meditation we go into, with many otherwise untapped resources in a daily waking state.

From healing to intuition and clairvoyance.

Among many benefits, too many to write them down here, meditation is a state of being inbuilt in us.

Meaning it is free and permanent within us.

Once we learn how to access it, we can meditate, anywhere. At home. In the office. Or, in the car. In the park. You name it! As we progress we’ll discover that meditation is not a certain method or practice. It is a consciously aware state of being. Our most natural state of being.

In essence, meditation is the state of being present in the present moment. The method you use to achieve this state of being is irrelevant.

In complete opposition with meditation, stands the stress. Essentially, stress is an artificial state of being that most of us just import into our lives, from the environment we land in.

Therefore, we are altering our most natural state of being, which, as you know by now:

It is meditation.

Stress affects our reception, narrowing it down. Thus, at times, we may experience a continuous lack of concentration, to name one symptom of stress. Our perception suffers, too. We distort, misinterpret or hallucinate about ourselves, the world or other people.

Our memory gets affected, too. Then, we repress our memories or distort, delete and generalize the factual reality of certain events. Stress kills our potential for thinking; it makes us see everything in a highly self-destructive manner. Our decision-making systems suffer too. Under stress, we may engage in wishful thinking and delusions.

So, what is the cure for stress, then?

Only you are.


Because at your deepest core, you are meditation as I have already demonstrated to you. That means you are, in your essence, the very antithesis of stress. So, what you need is an opening to your higher self, to your higher mind, to the divine perfection that you already are, to make active and consciously develop your natural strengths; your ability to think deliberately!

This is exactly what we are both doing while using this book.

Make sense?

In the coming episode, we’ll talk about how we developed our antenna!

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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