Faith, my dear friend, is what we take in in this episode of the “Think Zing!” series. In this last part, Understanding, you will learn about:

  • What is faith?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Mental and emotional attachments!
  • How to originate thoughts; mindful thinking!

“The dictionary definitions of faith – the ascent of the mind or understanding to the truth – unwavering adherence to principle – are so pertinent that they might well have been written with the law of assumption in mind. Faith does not question – Faith knows.”

– Neville Goddard

Understanding, the way I see it, is the last gear of perception, which we use to move up continuously towards a new cycle of wondering towards more conceptions of our higher mind. This is a never-ending continuum of perception shifts. While we are embracing the unknown, which most times is invisible, we advance continuously.

As you went through your self- awareness process, through all the phases, as I call them, you now know how to originate thoughts!

How to think?

From conception to perception. You have all my admiration. Study this material, establish a clear goal for yourself, and go for it.

I’ll share with you four more ideas I’ve observed in my journey towards deliberate thinking. It can help you with yours. Let’s start with faith.

What is faith?

When I met my daughters, I really understood what faith is and how it works, just by watching them grow. It amazed me to see how my two little wonders never gave up on anything. As babies, they were both crawling all over the house. The park. The beach. Grandma’s house. Our friend’s houses, and so on.

They were not pleased with that moment’s status-quo. Naturally, they wanted to walk and run, and jump all over they wanted to. And, they did their best. Always to the best of their abilities. Nothing less, even if they couldn’t do much for more than 12 months. They fell many times. They cried sometimes. However, never once, they told their mother or me something like:

We cannot do it, mom and dad! We give up! We’re just going to crawl.

No! That never happened.

They knew they would walk. So, did we, my wife and I. And guess what? We were all correct! Today they are walking. They are also running, dancing, jumping. Or, playing musical instruments, and so many other things, too … The same happened with speaking, drawing, singing and thinking, too.

I call that:


Planting a seed. Caring for it, and expecting it to blossom and produce fruits full of many other seeds just like it. I call that: faith. Faith is the ability to see in your mind what is not yet apparent. The belief that somehow, by mysterious unknown ways, what was once an idea, a desire or a seed will one day be a beautiful life lived well. Healthy and happy children. Or an oak tree.

I call that: faith.

Believing in yourself that you can become whatever you want to be, is faith. Spending the time to learn new skills that one day will prove useful to you. Investing the time and money to study, assimilate and apply new information that only you know will serve you one day, I call that: faith. Doing your “thing” feeling and knowing in your bones it is good for you, against all the possible pesky opinions of other people, and staying the course, that, I call faith.

A single mother or father, with two jobs, exhausted maybe, but still learning how to be:

  • a doctor,
  • a teacher,
  • a musician,
  • a programmer,
  • a writer,
  • an artist,
  • a successful person.

I call them to be people of faith.

A kid on a skateboard dreaming about unseen moves and practicing and breaking bones until the moves appear, that I call faith. The athlete who trains a lifetime for a less than a minute competition, once every two or four years, dreaming at Olympic gold. Dreaming to set new records for human abilities, that is what I call faith.

A man who feels broken, or broken-hearted, with no job, with two kids. Dreaming about the days of prosperity. Seeing in his mind’s eyes his family together. Seeing their new house. Dreaming about their family business thriving. Seeing himself useful for his family and for the world as if it was so, and doing everything he can to live it, even when the odds appear to be against him, that I call faith.

You, reading this book. Hoping. Dreaming and practicing. Maybe failing, at times, but going back again until you resolve. Until you learn how to live your life the way you want to live it, and until you truly live it in your own design.

That is faith.

Faith is powerful. It is what got you to read this book. Faith is helping you succeed.

I know you have it. Just because you are reading or listening to these lines tells me you have it. I also know you may not realize you have it. You may have never used your faith being consciously aware of it. It is all right. I’ll show you how to spot it. I’ll show you a simple practice that will help you develop it.

Miraculous things are happening because of one’s faith. Recall that state of mind that helped you achieved everything you have in your life so far!

It is faith.

Go to every little success you have had in your life until now and you will spot it.

Take an inventory of any friend and any relative you have, who has borrowed you some money, sometimes. That is a demonstration of faith. They’ve had faith in you that you will pay them back someday. They’ve trusted you are able to make money. That is faith.

Remember your teachers from all the schooling you have ever done. Remember that there was in your life, at least one teacher, or a mentor, who looked at you in an encouraging way. There is a teacher, or a mentor, or a coach, or a friend or a significant one who believed in you, sometimes.

Again, that is a demonstration of faith.

Recall a time in your life, anytime, when you have said:

“I can do that!”

This is faith. You don’t have to go far to find it. Remember that feeling of “I can do that!” and bring it back to your attention often. Faith is:

Trusting yourself.

You have God inside you. Call it how you will! Faith is the link between the spiritual world and the material, physical world. It provides you with continuity while the time passes form the conception of an idea, to its creation and, finally to its manifestation.

Recall a time when you truly didn’t know how you would pay your bills. However, you have decided to go through that. Expect that the situation will somehow solve itself, and it did, didn’t it? Sometimes, not having something we want is pushing us into new areas of growth, of personal power. And most of all, of faith.

Developing faith is important.

Most of us expect instant results! We wish we wake up the next day or so, and, already have what we want. That is why it is called wishful thinking. While we crave for instant results we can only see the distance between us and the object of our desire. Strangely enough, we fail to see that we are on our way to achieving it. And, we are progressing.

Measuring results forward, toward goals, to me, it feels sometimes, as if I’m trying to catch the horizon with my hands. It feels as if I’m not moving at all. However, when I start to measure backwards I can see how far ahead I got without realising it. The result of my measurements I call:

The facts!

I was taught to ask myself often:

“Where was I when I decided to change my life for the better and how advanced am I now in living it the way I want to live it?”

This question helped me change my mental diet. And my food, too. I talk to my cells daily. Focus on what I know I want. I workout almost every day. I make stuff, intentionally. Better, yet, I allow stuff to be made through me. Sometimes it feels like I make little progress. Sometimes it is as if I am leapfrogging 100 steps forward.

Regardless of how big or small the results are, my faith in myself is always increasing.

Take any person you admire from any time in history; from Jesus or Buddha to Galileo Galilei, Christopher Columbus, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs or Freddy Mercury. You will observe two dominant factors:
  1. They take action and move forward despite the obstacles in their path, or of having no clue about what to do next.
  2. They have inner trust in their abilities to succeed.

Both the above statements mean one word, to me: faith.

Everything is a process.

Our entire life is an unfolding process of discoveries upon discoveries about ourselves. Our faith connects us with our inner guidance. It is possible that you may not always understand where your inner guidance is leading you. It is possible that some of the actions you were guided to take may not lead you to the results you expect. Decide to have faith in your inner guidance, anyway.

It is your Self that is guiding you. Trust that your inner messages are leading you to the completion of your purpose even if you don’t know how at the time.

Faith is fuelled by faith itself.

The dots will connect. They always do. You only need to know where it is you are going and, crucially important, to keep moving toward your chosen destination.

  1. Measure backward.
  2. See where you were when you started your journey.
  3. Look at the progress you’ve made so far.
  4. And, congratulate yourself for taking action.

Taking constant action is how you will get anything you want and the key to accelerate your intentional thinking. You truly are the creator of your life, as you can clearly see now.

It is that simple.

Another idea I want to talk to you about is: What is your purpose? We’ll talk about it in the coming episode.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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