Forgiveness and Spiritual Pain.

My, oh my: forgiveness and spiritual pain! Not too long ago I was experiencing both. They both have been my companions for a long while… I have finally decided to embrace them, rather, then doing my best to pretend they are not real. Spiritual pain, mostly!

Two facets of the one coin which is, in most cases, human spiritual growth. It doesn’t have to be that way necessarily. We don’t have to grow through pain. Especially, not in these times of deep spiritual transformation and spiritual awakening we are going through at planetary proportions.

But, what is a spiritual pain, anyway?

It is that feeling of being broken-hearted as the result of human interactions going sower. Usually, the spiritual pain occurs within families. Parents rejecting the choices of their children; rejecting their children actually. Children running away from parents often times losing themselves… for good, into another wasted life!

Any kind of verbal, emotional, physical abuse, created within families, and, not only families is: spiritual pain. Brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts and parents… human beings, drifting, in the illusion of emptiness, and separation, which is just an illusion. From mild rejections to horrific events, that marks someone’s life forever.

And yes, I mean, families as in your kin, but, also as in our extended family as a species. We will eventually learn, we are all family… For this, we need to embrace the other side of the coin… and, that is forgiveness.

Forgiveness and spiritual pain is the cause and the effect of one event: growth.

At least, this is how I see it. And, yes, forgiveness can be the hardest thing for many. Especially when our mind is wrapped in belief systems, rules, and values, spoon-fed to us by the culture we grew up in. Shame, guilt and obedience, are, usually the most powerful vectors, reality filters we get as we grow up.

We have so many filters about how things should be!? So many that we cannot actually see how things are. But, we can begin to see how things are, with forgiveness. Without it, there is no growth. Heartache, and spiritual pain, regardless of the social status, money, properties, etc. we may reach at some point in our lives.

I know quite a few miserable rich folks. All of them, without exception, are broken hearted because of something they did to someone or because of something someone did to them. The classical cycle of forgiveness and spiritual pain, where forgiveness is not yet a value, thus spiritual pain being the only constant. From Elvis to Robin Williams, and millions of suicidal humans nobody knows, are some examples of the extreme range of spiritual pain.

Spiritual Pain is awesomely powerful and a massive reality distorter.

It will not go away with pretending to be happy, affirmations, drinks, mindlessly going out… you know the pattern. If you are in this experience; forgiveness is the way out. You must get rid of the junk, garbage, unnecessary weight that will finally determine you to take the jump, or the pill, the bullet or the rope.

If you are willing, if you can, and you can, if you want to: forgive! Forgive anything and anyone. Most importantly: forgive yourself. Release your anger, your poor old me, your grudges, your need for daily poison, your unconscious plans of slow suicide, your unconscious ingratitude towards life… all of it!

Forgiveness is the most awesome transformative power. It is love, actually. The greatest power in the Universe and the gentlest one.

It is what I personally practice with myself…

Reach back to me!

I can help you, no matter your pain. It is my experience, that one way to start healing is to start communicating. Expand a little bit your view of life. Rather than repeating the same old story that is making you feel miserable, sometimes just reaching out to someone who can listen, does the switch. I’m here if you want to share; no judgments!

Thank you! Love is the way!


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