How can one describe the higher mind? We can hardly describe it! Nevertheless, I’ll rely on my intuition and on the impressions I got from the books I’ve been reading.


“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

– Albert Einstein

IT is that nonphysical part of our mind, thus invisible, made of a higher energy vibration rate fabric. A different nature, if you will, existing simultaneously deep within us and in other planes of reality. Other dimensions of Existence; of Creation. That’s what my intuition tells me.

It is the conceiver of all our experiences of reality and it works in concert with our brain and physical mind, as one complex divine mechanism.

A very real, yet non-visible part of us.

IT is our prime attractor.

It has the knowledge in detail, of everything we attract and/or become attracted to, by our most natural state of being. Our vibration; our unique frequency signature. It is inspiring us with the concrete plans of how to unfold each subject of our attraction and of what we are attracted to.

It is always sending us hints and guidance to follow the path of least resistance, toward realization. Whether we take this path or not, it doesn’t matter. Many people decide to ignore its existence, due to its non-physical nature. Due to the impossibility of translating it, thus prove it, through scientific known empirical data.

Nevertheless, it is there and we all have it. Again, my intuition and observations tell me this is so. I cannot show you the mind, nor can anybody. But, we can see the mind’s creations all around us, everywhere we look.

We also cannot really prove the existence of the other mind.

By that, I mean the physical part of our mind, the one that perceives through the brain, our antenna, our receiver, what our higher mind conceives.

We can only prove the existence of the brain since it is a physical part of our body, a component of it.

Our physical mind, let’s call it like that, maybe it is in every cell of our body. Thus, it must also be inbuilt in our brain, which is made of, according to scientific empirical research, approximately 100 billion cells, called neurons.

Still, there is no part, no organ, which we can scientifically call the mind, and yet, the mind is there. We all know and accept the idea that we all have a mind of our own, and are using it, every day, with no real hands-on proof about it.

Make sense?

In the coming episode, we are discussing What is the higher self?

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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