Imagination, as I’ve said in the previous episode, gathers all the seen and the yet unseen elements of existence.


“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

– Albert Einstein

Imagination is like a pipeline, if you will. A communication conduit between the higher mind and physical body (conceiver, receiver and perceiver). By deliberately using IT as what it really is, we are creating our reality.

By focusing our imagination on specific stuff, we naturally feel attracted to, or attract to us, definite images. Like blueprints for our life. These definite images are: vision. Vision self-fulfills itself through us. It always does, regardless of what the vision is.

That’s following your imagination.

While you are reading these lines, you already have a self-image, a vision, an idea, and some definitions about who you are and what you are able to do. Most likely it is a lesser vision than the one you are truly able to hold.

Probably, your self-image is a vision other people have for you. Their definitions and their own ideas about who you are. The “Think Zing!” book, while you use it, will open you up to a larger vision, a wider understanding of yourself. Thus, just by opening up, you’ll naturally and effortlessly release the old self-imposed limitations, which are nothing but definitions you have unconsciously accepted as truths: various unnatural self- imposed limitations.

Some people create more than others, thus are being more productive than others, because they opened up to a greater vision. It is impossible to hold all sorts of images of lack and limitation inside you, project them around you, and then expect to win success in life and, a good living.

Lack and limitation are just circumstances.

They are physical expressions of beliefs, emotions, and behavior. Some of us, unconsciously and unquestionably have accepted them as an integral part of our life. Why? Just because we came into being, we are born, into what it already is here on this planet. And, so we forget that we have the power to reshape it. Remodel it. Recreate it with our own vision, when we allow our greater, enhanced reception of the vision we can get.

We have this very model as a functional model throughout history. Funny, like life is, most of us are still unaware of it. Or, at best, we are in the wondering stages of human evolution and possibilities. By human evolution and possibilities, of course, I mean deliberate thinking. That is why, while using this book, you open up!

You can and will take the evolutionary leap that takes you from wondering to understanding, to implement your own vision, in a faster, safer and a precise way.


By deliberate and intentional thinking!

By using the knowledge, I have gathered over the years, and share now with you, you can bring forth your own part to life, when, and, if, you decide to open up. I repeat, it is still a decision you have to make.

If you don’t take it, and if I don’t take it, then, we, all of us, will unknowingly and unconsciously remain propaganda agents of the status quo. Agents of what was already here on this planet as a collective consciousness. Meaning the ideas that people already believed to be true, at our arrival, at our birth.

Ever since we were born, our own families, teachers and authority figures sold us to the circumstances we have found at arrival. The thing is, that in times like the times we are living today, with a massive awakening at planetary proportions in progress, with high tech and complex instant communication devices in our pockets, I think, it’s common sense to admit that the circumstances we have found, at birth, have changed, quite a bit.

They don’t match what some of us are starting to awake from.

18th-19th century based education. And, most of our parents’ beliefs, who, today, are not working even for them. So, how can it work for us, or our kids, in the 21st century? I mean it’s like intentionally ignoring more than 200 hundred years of continuous development in all the areas of our lives.

That is just crazy.

It is a challenge we all go through! I believe, in times like this, it is best we know as much as we can about our instruments; the physical part of us, our body, and the nonphysical, our spiritual nature, our higher mind, and higher self.

Let’s examine what we really know.

Better yet, let’s examine that which we don’t know much about, but already have names for it.

As I said – and I am constantly repeating myself intentionally – when stuff doesn’t make sense anymore, we need to turn inward! We must go into direct experience. Deep into our imagination, deliberately, into the conduit that delivers the vision, which the higher mind has conceived for us.

With this kind of stuff, you got to take a leap of faith; it is YOU in your purest form, after all, deliberately working your personality to enjoy more of the wonderful stuff – your higher good – your inner being has for you.

As our imagination is, so our life is.

Therefore, hold within the vision, the mental picture, the feelings, the sounds of possibilities, of success.  A vision of prosperity, inner knowledge, of becoming useful to the world. Then, these things become solid circumstances in our life.

It cannot be otherwise.

Whatever is inside you is manifested outside of you. This is the real story of any human being.

What you are inward, what you believe inwardly, what you visualize inwardly, is what you become. If you are dissatisfied with the results you get in your life, only you can restore your balance, within. Dissatisfaction can be a very creative force when you act. Acting is the keyword in here. Just complaining about stuff, like 8 out 10 people you meet today, is making things worse. Also, it shows a ratio, a percentage of those who think deliberately, and of those who are just busy minded.

It also explains why the wealth of the world is held by 2-3 % of the population, as some people say. I’m not going to write the numbers because they are staggering if this assumption is true.

It feels like it is.

Anyway, it’s not conspiracies, it’s not that some are privileged and others are not. It’s unobserved common sense. Look around you! As you begin to think, and I mean think deliberately, you may notice that only a tiny percentage of all the people you personally know are actually thinking deliberately. By that I mean, choosing the states they want to be in. Choosing the beliefs they want to entertain and develop. Or, the actions they choose to take because of the states they want to be in.

Just listen – simply listen, with no agenda whatsoever – to what most people say to you! You can very easily see they are not thinking. Most people believe preposterous stuff about anything, and, they have no clue, why they believe it or how their beliefs came to them. You’ve probably noticed that, already! And I know you want to be in that group who make the difference because they are thinking deliberately.

First, wonder!

Then, find out what you believe. Change your whole attitude regarding yourself, your life and the world. Decide what you want and start acting accordingly.

You can literally learn how to do it, throughout this book!

Your life is literally inside you! You can make it what you will.


Whatever you believe about yourself now, know this; you are also strong. Pure. Happy. Successful. Prosperous. Healthy. Genius. And loved. Because you are part of all that is. You are part of Existence. You exist.  All this stuff is within you, even if you choose to believe you cannot have the above-mentioned natural circumstances. Therefore, I am asking you again: what do you believe? Or, more important:

What do you want?

Whatever is inside you is manifested outside of you. It’s simple physics! I’m proving it in the coming chapters.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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