Inspiration, intuition, creativity, in other words, the higher mind’s language, is what we are discussing in this episode of the “Think Zing!” series.


“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you!”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inspiration, intuition, and creativity! From what we do know, the higher mind is inspirational, intuitive, and creative. So, at least, we have some sort of empirical data to work with: inspiration, intuition, creativity. It is the mighty Trinity of Creation.


All the inspiration that is coming to us, is coming through the higher mind. It is through this channel that great scientists, writers, teachers, preachers, artists, and leaders are drawing their inspiration. All the good that has ever come into this world came through inspiration. And, all inspiration comes through our higher mind.

All those who have ever accomplished anything worth accomplishing have done so through the inspiration of their higher mind. Some are giants in their accomplishments and others are pigmies. That is simply due to the different degrees of reception of that which is inspiratory in nature. Meaning, conceived by the higher mind and received by our antenna, our brain.

Then IT is perceived by our physical mind as real-life experiences.

According to the level of awakening, one may be at, one may perceive more of the power within him or her.

This is inspired by the higher mind.

Some perceive less, therefore they express less.

Our expression in the world, whatever shape and form it takes, is our physical expression of the perception we have out of the information we receive from the higher mind. Again, powerful, but yet, invisible and more unknown than known stuff, which we need to adjust to.

We believe in invisible stuff anyway, the question being, how what we believe is still serving us as humanity, as a whole, since as I have earlier said, nothing is really separate? That, also, means our beliefs are not separated from what we get in life.

Quite the contrary, it is the very reason we get what we get in life.

So, the power is there for us to receive, perceive and express IT.

We cannot all be Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Carl Jung, Mark Twain, Walt Disney or Joan of Arc, Jane Austen, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Oprah, Arianna Huffington or any other major achiever we know of. However, in reality, all of them are equipped with the same equipment we also have.

Our equipment today is really of a better version, because of the existence of all the above mentioned, together with all our predecessors, as we perceive them. We don’t have manuals for IT, though, and there is just too much stuff we don’t see.

So, we’ll have to use feelings, hunches, intuitions, direct experience, and, finally, new beliefs, that will get us new emotions, new thoughts, new behaviors, new actions, new results, new perception, new reality, new life.

In other words, inspiration, intuition, creativity.

That is, as I have learned, the mechanics of thinking.

We all know in our heart of hearts, that there is a niche somewhere in the world where we can find a useful field of expression and our own labor of love. We intuitively know, that when and if we allow ourselves to be guided by inspiration, we will find somewhere a field where we can pour out our passion for achievement.

Somewhere where we can command success much more than expected. Remember what Guy Kawasaki said about Steve Jobs.

We didn’t come into this world for a joke. We are not here to be the slaves of inertia and some of our imagined limitations and errors we have accepted as truths. We are here to achieve a certain purpose, to accomplish something, which nobody else can do, except us, the ones who are here.

Since you – reading/listening to me now – are part of us, too, the question is:

“What do you believe?”

Nothing is separate; therefore, your beliefs will affect, and, are already affecting all of us, in a sense.

So, we need you in top thinking shape, you see.

In this togetherness that we are – of inspiration, intuition, creativity –  there is no one in the entire world just like you. All that you do is colored by your individuality and uniqueness. No one in the entire world could do your work just as you do it; there are fields of discovery in front of you, which no one can discover, except you.

You may still have to find it, though! It can be challenging, but I promise you that the “Think Zing!” book is like your compass needle, if you work with it. It points toward your own magnetic north, toward your true vibration and most natural frequency of being.

It will take you to where your passion, excitement, and joy leads, as you open up and release many of your old, disempowering beliefs.

You are opening!

So, you still have to decide whether you go further with it, or it makes no sense to do it! Whatever you decide, from now on I urge you to listen to the voice of inspiration. You will find what you were meant to do! We will go into the depths of discovering the mechanisms that finally lead you to your natural unconditioned strengths in the following chapters.

Concrete stuff, like action plans, is coming soon.

We need to cover the fundamentals of inspiration, intuition, creativity, so we don’t end up in mindless business. I hope you enjoy the pace I’m taking you through.


When you learn how to recognize the voice of intuition and make a habit out of it, you are in touch with infinite wisdom. Really! You can and will do by intuition stuff other people can only do by magnificent effort if they can do it at all. Once you open up to this power, your own intuition, there will be no perplexities for you.

All your challenges are solved for you by your higher mind. You just need to get out of your own way, sort of speaking.

Intuition is very often disregarded because it seems it makes no sense when it is coming to us in some of the weirdest circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in. Still, however weird it may appear to be, when we allow it – when we listen to it – IT will guide our physical mind in full accordance with our purpose and faith.

We are discussing all these in there!

So we get accustomed to using all our skills and capacities to succeed, no matter the circumstances.

When we listen to the inner voice of wisdom, our own intuition, and act accordingly, the result of our actions will always justify our faith in this inward power. That is our higher mind.

Faith is the word I invite you to think and meditate upon while reading/listening to this entire book! Your faith in yourself, nothing else. We will talk more about faith in the following chapters, and, I don’t mean religious faith.

I’ve learned of men, who, when confronted with a challenging situation are dismissing it to their higher mind. Then, they go for a short walk, take a bath, a shower, a nap, etc., and boom, out of the blue, they get the answer.


And, check out who these guys were: Archimedes, Lincoln, Tesla, Einstein, Edison or Mark Twain, to name a few. Remember when was the last time you solved something with an answer that, apparently, just popped out of the blue.

Mark Twain, for example, in his autobiography has said that he never wrote a single line.

“The fairies came!”

He said and told him what to write.

How about you?

When was the last time you went to sleep, or for a walk, or a shower, wondering about how you would do such and such, and suddenly, as if out of the blue you realized you know just what to do and how to do it? At least, how to start it?

Remember that!

The solutions always come to us when and if we open up to let them show up.


Our higher mind being the conceiver of our reality is, obviously, creative. Since we cannot see it, and, cannot really describe it, we have to work with what we have here. Creation is creative. Creation has created all there is in existence. Even if we don’t see the Creation as a physical entity, It creates continuously through us, with us and through everything we see and don’t see.

We can see its creations; the world we live in, and, us, are part of Creation, too.

Logically, our higher mind being part of the same non-visible, maybe different non- visible, but still part of Creation, must be of the same in nature, with the Creation itself. Just as we are, the same in nature, still of a different degree and density, creative universes within the Universe.

Just as the Existence is absolute, through the whole Universe, so is our higher mind. It is deep inside us and it is enveloping us at the same time. I know; mind-bending notions, right?!

But it is all simple.

Complex, yes, but simple.

I am not sure whether you and I can create planets. Maybe we’ll find out that we can. However, I am sure that now, right now, we can consciously form an image or picture inside us. A picture of better circumstances, different environment or definite achievement. I am sure that by holding that image inside we will intuitively find inspiration, together with resources, methods, and means to create it in our physical day-to-day life.

This is not a fairy tale.

It is a fact.

Maybe an uncommon-sense perceived fact, but, still:

A fact.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, everything we have ever accomplished, resourceful or not, it has been first created, imaged, thus conceived by our higher mind. It is then received as vision through our imagination, first, and afterward, it is accomplished. From awesome things to our today’s lunch.

The difference between people, between you, me and anybody else is a different way of wondering. Then, conception, reception, perception, filtering, opening, and understanding.

So, from now on, before you decide to go hard on yourself because of what others have said about you, thank them first! Then use whatever they are reflecting back at you, to find out what your life vision is, meaning how much you allow yourself to receive of it, just by looking at your accomplishments.

You’ll be stunned at how much self-imposed limitations you keep inside you, to unconsciously prevent yourself to receive stuff, vision, that may not match your current beliefs, hence, your current level of self-awareness, accomplishment and, therefore, thinking.

I know people who pride themselves on being so-called practical people.

They are looking at Imagination and take it to be something impractical, something belonging to the realm of dreams. We all have them practical people in our lives. They are the ones telling us stuff like:

“Get a real job, get a real life, stop dreaming, you are chasing ghosts, etc.!”

Now, what they really do is making sure we are not going to disturb them from their own, sometimes nightmarish, imagination. From their own dreams, their perception; as much as they can handle from their own higher minds, filtered with their current running unexamined and unconscious beliefs, which some of us started to awake from, even if, still, some of us don’t know what to believe anymore, and, can’t, yet, believe that we just simply need to pick new beliefs, more resourceful ones that can and will match our most natural vibration, our specific frequency, which is what we are, essentially.

A long phrase, I know. It’s true, though! Read it, again, slowly.

How can that be?

Well, how come we believe what we currently believe? It is the same process called by all of us: imagination! Yet, many of us have somebody in his or her life that is confusing imagination with laziness or with drifting through life.

Imagination, really, is the very opposite of laziness or drifting.

Imagination gathers all the seen and the yet unseen elements of existence. By using our imagination as what it really is, a pipeline, a communication conduit between all the two elements that work as one, higher mind and physical body; conceiver, receiver and perceiver. By focusing our imagination on specific stuff, we naturally feel attracted to, or attract to us, definite images, like blueprints of our life.

These definite images are the vision. The vision self-fulfills itself through us. It always does, regardless of what the vision is.

In the coming episode, we’ll go deeper into Imagination: The oven of Reality!

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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