Making reality is what we are discussing in this episode of the “Think Series!”


What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.

– Plutarch

We are not really making reality.

We are in IT; while at the same time we are the very IT, as well. Therefore, being part of it and itself, we then, within the reality, which is a vast, continuous flow of information, create our own version of it. Our own interpretation of reality using, our innate equipment, which I describe throughout Think Zing! The Art of Mindful Creation, as simple as I can.

Quite a statement, I know! It took me about two decades to articulate it.

Also, to figure out that our interpretation of IT is really our own experience of IT, which is a real experience.

I’ll emphasize the point I’ve mentioned previously:

  • The reality, our reality, is a complex, vast and continuous flow of intelligent information, which contains everything. All that is, ourselves included.

It is The Existence, itself.

We get this flow of information with which we create our own interpretations of it. Then, we experience IT as real-life experiences in 3 ways, which are simultaneously working together as one.

  1. We have the, let’s call it, non-physical part of our mind; the one we call Higher Mind, which is the conceiver of our physical experiences of reality.
  2. Then, we have a brain and a nervous system, which is the receiver of our higher mind’s conceptions. The brain is and acts as the antenna of our physical reality,
  3. And, we have our, let’s call it physical mind, (and let’s say that physical mind may probably be something located in every cell of our physical body), which is the perceiver of the experience we call our reality.

Nobody saw the mind.

So, let’s agree, that whatever the mind is, it must be at least in a lower and a higher manner… sort of speaking. Lower, in the sense, that it is somehow located in our body. Higher in the sense that is also located in inner higher realms from which we receive inspiration and guidance, through our imagination.

We also have multiple types of intelligence and sensory systems, which are sending impulses to our brain, the antenna, our receiver of reality. Then, we filter all the information we receive, through our deep core beliefs, which generate emotions, like motivation for example! And, of course, we have thoughts.

Finally, our thoughts become our intentions.

… which are expressed, physically, through the actions we take. Or, don’t take!

Our actions, our doings are the physical expression of our imagination and creativity. This is manifested through real physical creation, that we perceive, through our physical mind, as our own individualized experience of reality. That is, in a simple language, what we call our daily life.

This is how, in a sense, we are making IT. However, it is just our own unique interpretation of it.

Am I making sense to you?

In the coming episode, we are discussing What is an awakening experience?

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Sandi Dragoi

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