I started to ask myself about meditation dynamics, or how to do meditation back in my twenties. Now, at almost 42, after countless books, mentors, and practice, I dare to say: you cannot really do meditation. As I have explained in the previous article, meditation is a state of being. It is what we are in our essence.


“To me, a man of meditation is bound to be immensely loving.”

– Osho

Here is the meditation dynamics, as I see it:

This state of being is happening when our brain’s hemispheres are synchronized. In other words, they function simultaneously, thus they communicate with each other. This happens as a direct result, a consequence of our state of being, which precedes any of our doings and materialize into physical-concrete life circumstances.

We cannot do anything, as in physical activity, to achieve this resourceful state of being. We may delude ourselves that this is how it happens, but the truth is, it happens the other way around.

First, we are state of being. Then, we do. Action; we act!

Be and then, act.

We can be in the best state of being, the best state of the spirit if we chose to!

Nevertheless, most people condition their own state of being by the I’ll be happy if” formula!

Now, we know that the “if” part often doesn’t happen as we expect it to happen. And, since many of us are conditioning ourselves by “I’ll be happy if”, “I’ll love you if” formulas, many of us remain, – unconsciously and automatically decide to stay –  in a not so resourceful state of being. Thus, then, we fail to perceive a flow state where ideas, inspiration, and many otherwise untapped resources are coming to our service.

However, I understand what people are asking me when they ask me about meditation dynamics:

How to do meditation?

They need to know how to be in that resourceful state of being, in more of who we are. The truth is that most people feel this resourceful state whenever they are happy and relaxed. Or, anytime they are doing – as a direct result of this very resourceful state of being – any sort of meaningful activity for them.

So, they see more, feel more, receive more, perceive anything clearer, and learn everything much faster. In conclusion, if you still want a method, get this:

Care about how you feel at each moment!

The method by which you achieve this caring about yourself is irrelevant.

Find any method through which you give yourself permission to be more, to feel more, to allow more good stuff into your life. That is how YOU, in particular, can do it. It is a very personal and quite intimate experience. You decide upon your own how!

But, if you insist, I recommend you find and read The Book of Secrets by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a.k.a. Osho. Here you can find 112 techniques that can help you discover meditation dynamics, in a traditional fashion, if you will. According to Osho:

“These 112 methods are for the whole humanity – for all the ages that have past, and for all the ages that have yet to come.”

Personally, I was greatly helped by this book.

If these thoughts have intrigued and inspired you, I have more in Think Zing! The Art of Mindful Creation. You will love it, just as I do. Pure Download. No personal data required.

In the coming episode, we are discussing: What is spiritual growth?

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