Meditation today, is what we are talking about in this short episode of the “Think Zing!” series! I’m sure you ask yourself about it. Especially in this time of accelerated changes we are going through. Do you? I’m happy you do! Let me see If I can help with my own experiences and thoughts about it.


“Looking at the beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind.”

–  Amit Ray

Why meditation today?

…and, not in general? Again, because of the deep transformations time, I believe, we are all living. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, too, these days, these subjects are more present in our minds and hearts, than ever before. It all went global. Which is why I say:

Meditation is a state of being.

It’s not something we do. It is what we are.

Also gratitude, or appreciation, for example, are states of being. You feel these states! Therefore, you are these state, you become them… you don’t do them!

So, meditation today, especially, means being in touch with our own essence, with our deepest truth, ever fresh, as we naturally are. It is being present in the here and now. Being open to what is. Balanced. Therefore, free of dogma, judgments, social or cultural conditioning, and self-limitation.

In my direct experiences and study, I have found quite a few, very widely spread misconceptions throughout our world regarding meditation. One of the biggest one I have repeatedly found states that:

“Meditation is a method that one must do to quiet the mind chatter and focus inwardly.”

Yes, you can practice with many different methods to achieve a meditative state. It’s true!

 However, I’m not satisfied with this truth.

For me, meditation is really who we are regardless of the method we use to rediscover ourselves. The way I see it, there is no one method for all, but we all are meditation. While any method through which we achieve a meditative state, from fishing to singing to traditional methods used for meditation, is the mechanics that we use to arrive at our deepest truth, meditation is our core deepest truth.

Meditation, for me, is purely being in the state of whatever situation we experience.

In other words, meditation is not doing.

In meditation you just are, you do nothing, you are nothingness and all there is, all together, merging in togetherness. It is the pure moment of the “I am”realization, which precedes any doing. Period. Any of our doings springs forth only from the “I am”realization, which is who we are. This is meditation today, the way I see it.

“Be water, my friend!” – Bruce Lee

Am I making sense to you? I’d love to hear from you, see how you feel about it! Please, if you will, drop me a line in the comments area.

In the coming episode, we’ll discuss “What does meditation do?”

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

Until then, be well!

Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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