Mental direction or your main mental predilection is what we are discussing in this episode of the “Think Zing!” series.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

– William James

The mental direction filter is also something you have formed while you were very little with the help of your good old brain, your reptilian and mammalian complex as you remember, together with all the grownups from around you. It is, essentially, a mental attitude.

A predilection.

An attitude you have rehearsed over many years.

Often times you took a mental direction toward what you wanted to have happened. Other times you have moved away from several sources of stress, potential danger or emotional and physical pain.

As you know now, every time you move away from something, be it stress, danger, pain, etc., you have to make an internal representation, to think, about it. We all do this. Thinking about it means you already believe it. As you will assimilate the 10 principles about beliefs, you will get to see the mechanics of it and use it as practical steps to expand your perception;

That’s true power!

Your mental direction filter in a very simple language is your motivation mechanism. Your motion, mental and physical, is determined by your motivation. There are only two ways in which you are getting motivated. They act like two separate and even opposite directions.

Also, these two ways you might take, are giving very different results in your life.

You will always move away from pain and always move toward pleasure.

That is, it!

Away from

If your parents, teachers, and caregivers used to threaten you while you grew up by using a loud and harsh voice, by getting you grounded, by slapping you, or by imposing many different restrictions, I understand you. You and I already know how your mental direction filter got to be set up. Naturally, you are moving away from stuff you dislike.

The challenging part is that it becomes like a general attitude you have toward anything in your everyday life. You are doing it automatically and without conscious awareness of it.

Let’s call it the away from mental direction. It may be serving you if you live in a war zone, or in the woods and are constantly surrounded by big hungry bears, let’s say. Naturally, the away from danger filter would keep you alive. However, it is not serving you right now.

Quite the contrary.

This little mental set up is very much responsible to why so many people on Earth live in a fear trance. They are constantly moving away from potential danger. In most cases, it doesn’t really exist and will, probably, never exist.

Look at the “Let’s avoid danger!” information, in various forms, that you are bombarded with every day, in all the mediums you hang out. Thus, your mental direction, your motivation mechanism goes to where the people who are distributing the media bombardment, want your motivation to be directed at.

Join the army and protect our freedom, fight terror. Confess or miss heaven. Memorise or you’ll fail in life. Buy my stuff or your chance is gone, etc.

These are just invasive manipulative maneuvers, to keep your mental direction filter to a certain life course: away from. Therefore, you maintain this life course by constantly moving away from presupposed danger.

This danger, as you can see, is not real.

It is induced by everything you see and hear from around you.

Now, stop for a second, and just be present in the present moment. Literally stop right now! What is going on right now? As you are reading or listening to these lines, I am very sure that nobody is yelling at you. Right now. No real danger around you, is it? You are at peace, just this instant, maybe comfortable in a chair or your bed.

No hungry bears sniffing around, are they?

I mean right now!

If I ask you to tell me how you feel now, as in this very moments, no projections, no imagined future, no reliving some ideas about your past, what would you say? Please, say out loud how do you feel right now? You probably say:

I feel fine!

You probably smile as you say it. Therefore, your old brain is suddenly feeling emotionally and physically safe. What is even more important is that your brain, as you smile, is releasing some very beneficial endorphins that travel throughout your entire body, making you literally feel better. Thus, you are better!

The point I am making is that once you realize that you are fine (and you are always fine) as you begin to see now, your mental direction changes naturally. So, you are not only safe, but you have also started to adopt a mental direction which, obviously is:

Toward what you want to have happened.

As you see both mental filters are serving you in completely different situations and are producing very different results. Away from is keeping you in a survival mode. In this mode, every life experience gets a specific quality: survival.

None of your thinking modalities and bits of intelligence can be developed in survival mood.

Your cells don’t thrive in survival mood; quite the opposite.

As we have agreed, the cells are where, I believe, our mind is. The away form mental direction is killing your vibrant intelligent cells.

Toward to

The other possible predilection, let’s call it, toward to, directs you to growth and development. It is, obviously, giving you a very different life quality.

Your mental direction filter, just like your beliefs, and, as we will later see, just like your values, determine your mental state. It affects the way you are thinking. Also, it influences your emotional state – how you feel – which is affecting and altering your behavior – how you act.

The mental filters, which you have unintentionally and unconsciously used until now, are filtering the immense reality in the exact way you perceive it right now. Reality means infinite information coming at you every nanosecond.

So, you will move either toward your desired results…

… either away from imagined or potential danger.

The way you move, your mental and physical motion, is a physical expression, as you will see, of what you value. In other words, of what you think is important for you. Motion, body motion, mental motion, is directed by your thinking strategies. Your thinking strategies, as you have learned, end up in emotions.

The mental direction filter is your motivation.

Motivation is a powerful emotion.

Each time you are motivated to do anything you have two types of motivation regarding your approach to do it, as a mental direction. As we have discovered earlier, given the conditions you grew up with, inside your family and general environment, you have formed a mental habit to move away from pain. Or, away from any type of physical, or emotional discomfort, or stress.

As you know, by now, your old brain acts as the alpha ruler of who you have become. So, whenever the old brain feels safe enough, you switch your mental habit from moving away from pain to moving toward pleasure, relaxation, and comfort. All the people on Earth use both mental directions to some degree.

Over time you may have become an expert, even if without your conscious intent, in one direction of motivation more than in the other. Right now, you started to be more motivated toward images of:

  • success,
  • a higher vibration,
  • enlightenment,
  • prosperity,
  • peace of mind,
  • pleasure,
  • conscious change, etc.

Or,  you may still be motivated to act in an attempt to avoid something that scares you, even if it is not truly real.

You have free will.

That is your power to choose the states you want to be in. Use it! We all are abundant in free will! We always express it! It is in the choices we make! Many people in my family are unintentional experts in moving away from:

  • failure,
  • loss,
  • pain,
  • conflicts,
  • all sorts of imagined or sometimes really unpleasant situations,
  • and any kind of discomfort.

The challenge with moving away from anything is that while you are moving away from imagined threatening stuff, you also move away from:

  • learning,
  • understanding,
  • expanding,
  • opportunities,
  • different possible friends,
  • and, improved circumstances, too.

While being in the away from mood you, also, move away from many unused resources.

It’s a big challenge in our mental direction.

While in romantic relationships, for example, I met people who are moving away from a possible situation in a possible future in which their loved one would leave them due to their imagined flaws. Or they would find out that their loved one is not really the right girl or guy. Then, they keep imagining stuff until they make the breakup possible. Then they say:

I knew it!

I just described to you how my ex-wife, that I’ve always loved, ever since I met her, made possible the two divorces we’ve been through. She kept moving away from an imagined future so consistently, that we have divorced twice. And, we do love each other. Or, to speak for myself: I love her!

It is a demonstration of unconscious beliefs and mental direction in action. It’s my experience. I lived it. It’s not from Bill or Bob. It’s all me.

Considering everything you know now, what do we do within when we avoid any possible danger, or pain, or any kind of discomfort? We picture it first, of course. We make internal representations of it. Then, we see it somehow with our minds eyes and we keep our focus, our thinking, on it. We think that this is how we’ll avoid it. Right?


What happens when we detect potential danger? We get stressed, naturally. What happens in any stressful situation? Our old brain shuts down as a reaction to stress and everything else is affected: that old brain, huh?

Many people I personally know are stressed. Thus, they are mentally filtering out all the possibilities and opportunities that would contradict what they originally believe. They believe, for example, that they must move away from stuff. Avoid potential threats to their safety and general lifestyle.

Most of us were primarily motivated as we grew up to move away from whatever somebody wanted us to avoid. The challenge with this mental direction is that it keeps us in survival mood. In a survival mood, we don’t grow, we don’t expand, and we don’t thrive. We only survive, for a while.

Thriving begins when we start to move toward what we want.

As we shift to this new preference we wake up in the morning looking forward to start and achieve our dreams. Therefore, we naturally move toward their realisation. We find our own pace. See opportunities. We work with joy. And, we feel stimulated by a different kind of people.

Above all, as you move toward what you want, you make different internal representations. Different thoughts, that is. You discover that you are creative. You have ideas. Ambition. Will and intent. All this stuff is magnetic.

You discover you are straightforward thinking, self-reliant person. And you feel as if you are magically magnetic to people and all sorts of beneficial situation.

In reality, you are naturally magnetic.

What if a seed will one day decide that it is safer to stay in the ground? Therefore, keeping away from rocks, away from possible herbivores that might eat it, and other unknown dangers? It will never germinate. However, nature programmed the seed to find the light and move toward it! And, this is exactly what the seed does.

The seed cannot help itself from finding the light. It moves through rocks, dry hard soil toward the light and it always finds it.

So, do we.

We were the seed, too. We have germinated, developed as multicellular human beings, in search of light.

How beautiful, right!? And, pure life facts.

In the coming chapter, before we’ll transition into Opening, we are discussing another major filter: Our Values!

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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