Our Committed Guarantee

What I cannot guarantee is your level of motivation or commitment to get all the benefits this course provides. And, I can’t guarantee that something else won’t come up in your life that may steal your attention and focus away from the course.

I guarantee my commitment to your progress. This course works! It changed my life.

You will get your outcomes IF you commit yourself to get them.

Results are inevitable. This is not another “change your life in 30 days or, 100 % money back, guarantee” kind of program. The idea of a refund is not applicable to this course. In fact, in the context of personal transformation, “refund” is a very dangerous idea. It sets you up to fail before you even start.

When it comes to transformation, decisions, and commitment, you either do it or you don’t! I do guarantee, one month from today, as you sit and design your outcomes, evaluate your beliefs, discover your values, rules, and strategies, and ACT on your decisions… YOU already ARE a DIFFERENT person.

Empowered. Transformed. Self-aware, well into self-control. For this purpose my commitment to you is total. I’m giving you e-mail access to me for your lifetime.

I am your accountability partner!

Oscillations, lukewarm attitude,  and lack of commitment are the reasons people, businesses, marriages, and relationships in general fail. So, we remove them before we begin our journey together. If you are ready, Transformation Inside-Out is ONE course we deliver with 2 options:

The Self Study Course

  • 8 training Modules
  • 42 audio lectures
  • 42 course’s manuals
  • 29 additional PDF resources; home assignments
  • Full lifetime access, upgrades, and additions included
  • Access to mobile & TV
  • Lifetime e-mail access to me (Sandi, the author of the course!)
Self Study Course
Transformation Inside Out
Emotional Mastery
Self Awareness
Self Control
Mentality Changes
More Creativity
Clearer Thinking
More Calm
Decreased - toward zero - Anxiety
Peace of MInd
Getting Your Outcomes
Lifetime E-mail Access To Me

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