Prayer is our subject in this episode of the “Think Zing!” series. It’s not a set of specific rituals, in specific environments. Nor using a certain type of language, meaning specific vocabulary and specific affirmations, or even demands. Prayer – the act of praying is really an attitude of openness.


“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.”

– Soren Kierkegaard

By prayer, we acknowledge “IT”, first!

Prayer is acknowledging, allowing a state of Grace from within us, to envelop, inspire and empower us. Literally! In any aspect of our lives and our way of living. Prayer, the way I see it, is a feeling. It is an attitude of appreciation in the present moment, in the now, whenever we consciously feel this now moment. A state of being in the realization of gratitude for our own existence, with everything we have in it.

We see and we give thanks!

By this, I mean including, the very subjects of our prayers. So, by praying we truly express our acknowledgment that whatever it is that we are praying for already IS in existence, even if we don’t see it for the time being.

Therefore, as we pray for it, thus acknowledging its existence, we get to feel its presence as being real in our lives. This feeling is a vibration, a frequency that matches the frequency of that which we pray for. As we understand the mechanics of it, or WHEN we understand it (accept, more likely!), we realize that all the subjects of our prayers already exist in existence. In All That Is.

It’s like we shift to another reality.

An already existing reality – here and now – but, on a different frequency!

Thus, we access the subjects of our prayers. We get to see them as being manifested in our reality because we shift to a different frequency. A different vibration. Simply put, a different state of being, a different feeling, where we get to experience the manifestation of our prayer. We get it because it already is manifested, and not because we have manifested it with our prayer.

We are reaching it – I repeat, whatever the subject of our prayer is –  because by the act of praying, by an attitude of appreciation and gratitude in the present moment, our feelings to match the frequency of whatever we are praying for. By the act of acknowledging its presence as being real, therefore as already existing in manifestation, we are shifting our vibration. Thus, I’m intentionally repeating myself, our feelings to match the frequency of whatever we are praying for.

Thus, we are aligning ourselves with it.

And, we get it.

For real!

Usually, it’s not an instantaneous process. I guess because we believe so! Even though, many times IT IS!

I guess a better question is:

What are we really praying for?

What, by the act of praying (acknowledge+gratitude+openness) – or fearing! –  do we then acknowledge to be real in existence? With what, by our feelings, vibration, frequency do we align with, and thus getting for real in our daily life?

Does this make sense to you?

In the coming episode, we’ll discuss “How do we make our reality?”

Until then, be well.

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Sandi Dragoi

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