Purpose! Here is another idea I want to talk to you about to deepen the opening into your understanding of who and what you truly are:

“Start now to mold every being in your world into the form of love. But love, divided from imagination, is eternal death. If you do not know you are dealing with a state, you can love someone dearly yet keep him forever in an unlovely state. But you can take him out by the use of your imagination. We are here in this world of experience for a divine purpose: to know imagination.”

– Neville Goddard

What is your purpose?

Before we wrap things up let me ask you: Why are you reading this book? What do you expect to get out of it? What do you want to create with this knowledge?

You and I know people who are moving from a self-help book or seminar to another with no apparent gain out of it. This is a mistake. It happens mostly because many people, the self-helpers in particular, act as if they are on a trip with no destination. They are taking one path and then another one, and so on, drowning themselves in unapplied information.

Many of them dislike their current way of living so deeply, but they can’t seem to change.


Do you remember that personals paradigms, map of reality, old life program, we discussed in Part 5? That is why.

Do you remember automatic unconscious filtering? Do you remember the automatically set up, by default, mental direction filter? Or, do you remember the borrowed beliefs and values we all have? Do you remember that old brain? Do you remember brain lateralization?

That is why.

What is even worse is that most of them still unconsciously but constantly add to the sad stories about themselves that become the meaning of their life. Even if the very stories they have unconsciously created about themselves is their source of trouble. It is their self-image contained by the old life program, made by default.

Big challenge!

So, being unaware of everything you and I have covered in these pages, they are unconsciously only looking for an audience who would hear them complain. But, who would never challenge their current belief systems. Meaning, their current paradigms, the internal map of reality, the old life program, etc.

Thank God, you and I, know why. They associate the status-quo with safety, familiarity, even if it is total misery. And, misery loves company.

Beware of those moments when you think you are kind, and, considerate, and, decide to spend some time with miserable people. Blind and deaf to your kindness. Looking just for an audience! You may soon turn from kind, and, considerate, to mindless, and, miserable, too.

Be kind, and, also, careful!

Full of care for you, I mean!

Apparently, for miserable people, nothing works. And, now, we know, it cannot work! It is true that they want different results. They truly do. However, they keep on doing the same things on and on, driven by their own unconscious perception of reality. Which, I repeat, being set up by default, is on autopilot. Again, paradigms and the internal map of reality.

They are not driving their lives. It’s the autopilot. Their old self-image and they don’t know it. Even if they somehow start to wonder, start to realize things are not making sense, they still don’t know how to change the settings.

You do!

Instant “feel-better” results and “magic thinking” is not going to take anybody anywhere. Thinking differently and doing things differently is what brings the change in one’s life.

New knowledge + new actions + execution = accelerated intentional results.

That is achievable while being awake and deliberate.

Therefore, some people feel even more confused than they have felt before reading some book or before taking some seminar. They just get overwhelmed with too much misunderstood and not executed information. And today, inside the abundant information age we are living in, we must decide what we are doing with the information we decide to study and process and how are we going to use it?

Here is another key question for intentional thinking:

For what purpose am I doing ________________________(fill in the blanks your what and start living with purpose)?

What is a purpose?

A purpose is a value you put first on your list of values-game you can play with, from Part 5. It is your reason for doing something, anything. Everything you do consciously or unconsciously serves a purpose. Yyours or somebody else’s. You will be happy if you find out that behind all the actions you are taking, you are serving your own purpose and not someone else’s.

I say this because, you and I are coming from generations of people raised by caretakers, with two emotional vectors:

  1. Obedience.
  2. Guilt.

Neither obedience nor guilt is serving us in our design to think intentionally.

So, really, ask yourself:

Why are you doing what you are doing?

More important, from now on, ask yourself if this stuff that you are doing, whatever it is, is it aligned with your higher purpose? Your vision about yourself? The one you use, to replace the old self-image, contained in the old life program, that old paradigm we talked about?

A purpose is the engine that drives your whole life. A purpose is that magic-like ingredient that helps you accomplish almost anything. Your clear stated purpose unleashes all your abilities. It is harmonizing your mind, your body, and your soul together with all your skills, your main personalities, and many sub-personalities. It makes everything you are and have work together.

Your established purpose gives you clarity in taking purposeful actions. It is a power that you can feel emotionally and physically. It makes your body strong and your mind alert. You feel your soul guiding you as you follow your own purpose.

Your purpose is your own life-philosophy.

A purpose is hidden within your own values and it is very much connected with your own strengths. Take this statement as another incentive to take your time in discovering your personal value hierarchy and strengths.

Start the right way: with YOU in mind. Maybe you have never started anything with you in mind, before this book.

I understand that!

Many people, grownups, who start to learn new stuff, are still very much unconsciously attached to asking for the approval of the significant people in their life, to do something. Such as parents, spouses, close friends, even co-workers or employers.

These are unconscious mental and emotional attachments. It is important to be aware of them because they act like silent and blind traps, which most people don’t see. We will discuss more about the mental and emotional attachments in the following episode.

It is very common to confuse:

“I want to do X”


“I should do X”

While believing that what you think you should do is your will. It is not, really. It is just one deep, below your conscious awareness, behavior. We have adopted these behaviors as we grew up due to the two very powerful emotional vectors that our caretakers used in the way we were raised: obedience and guilt.

Most kids from our time and today, too, unfortunately, are being under the siege of words like this:

“Shame on you! How dare you? Why can’t you be more like X or Y? Shut up! Be quiet! You will do nothing, you hear! No, you cannot do this! You are not allowed! You are no good!”

This is abuse!

Literally! We have to survive this kind of abuse, and, worse in extreme cases while growing up. Our survival strategies automatically motivate us to unconsciously move away from potentially perceived danger.

So, under these circumstances, our only purpose is to survive the circumstances. Unfortunately, that becomes our only purpose. The bad part is, that, in our survival mood, deliberate thinking remains an unknown notion. Thinking, originating thoughts, can only exist in the growth mode. In expansion and integration.

Start a fresh relationship with you!

Give yourself your own purpose! Do whatever it takes to achieve it! This is the cure for automatically living in the survival mood. Use your strongest intentions to learn how to consciously operate your inner work. Learn and apply what you have learned about filtering. Give yourself your own purpose for all your actions.

A fresh relationship of you with you is the very core message of this book. Empower yourself with real knowledge about who you truly are. Use the below questions to get it ou. Crystallize the idea of purpose in anything you chose to do:

  1. What is my ultimate application of this material?
  2. What do I expect to be, to do or to have after working with this book?
  3. How important it is for me to understand intentional thinking skills?
  4. Do I really want to learn this?
  5. What specifically do I want to learn from this book? (See Part 5!)
  6. How committed can I be regarding this material?
  7. How much time am I willing to commit to satisfy my purpose?

Answer all these question right now.

In your mind.

Or, even better, if you will, take a piece of paper, or open a note in your phone, like I do, and commit to yourself. Commit to what is important for YOU.

Establishing your purpose now saves you hours, or years in my case, of confusion and guesswork.

Purpose leads to vision.

Your clear purpose is how you will get there. One of the many benefits that a clear purpose brings along is that even if you start doing something on an “I should do X” base, and it is not what you really want to do, you will not be able to do it for too long. A purpose is what drives you to do anything. Or refuse to do the things that are not aligned with your higher good.

Once you start asking yourself questions your effectiveness in everything you do will change instantly and permanently.

Question everything!

Start with this book!

Question it! Put it to test. Act on it.

Is what I’m saying here making any sense to you! I have been asking this question so many times throughout the book! Remember to clarify and to state your purpose for doing any kind of activity.

Now, please ask yourself this:

  • Will this help me achieve what I want?
  • Be it inner peace.
  • Enlightenment.
  • An easiness in communicating with others.
  • Better relationships.
  • A feeling of clarity regarding my life or regarding an arousing desire.
  • Be it more money.
  • Different social status.
  • Better health?

As you can see, I’m continuously inviting you to wonder. I insist on these questions because it is best for you to do what you want to do.

For you!

Not what you think you should do. Not what you think that would make your spouse, or your parents, or your friends, or your boss happy. We need you to be happy! We need you to be exactly who you are in your essence.

That is why you came on Earth.

This planet is a crippled planet without you in it. YOU! Not your constructed or given identity. And, not your mental and emotional attachments about who you may believe you are.

We aim to discover your vision, and we are doing just that.

Before we wrap things up and I want to share with you a final idea about your mental and emotional attachments.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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