Receiving! In this part, you will learn about:

  • Human antenna basis, structure, levels, and stress
  • Emotional physical safety
  • How did we develop our antenna?
  • The multiple types of intelligence


“The presence of passion within you is the greatest gift you are receiving. Treat it as a miracle.”

– Wayne Dyer

Before we will explore further about the remaining phases that we all go through as a life continuum process, let’s string them down in linear order. In reality, they are more like an ascending spiral, rather than a straight line.

Nevertheless, having in front of our eyes each element, each distinct phase, is helping us create new synapses. New brain pathways, that lead to a better perception.

The more we wonder about these seven phases, the more we realize that is really one thing. One symbiotic complex. One conscious decision-making mechanism that leads to deliberate, intentional, and, mindful thinking.

  • 7. Understanding
  • 6. Opening
  • 5. Filtering
  • 4. Perceiving
  • 3. Receiving
  • 2. Conceiving
  • 1. Wondering

I wrote them like this so you can easily picture an up-going spiral with wondering at its start. It is, then, taking us from conceiving to receiving to understanding, finally.

You know now that our higher mind conceives what we experience as reality.

Also, you know, when you begin to wonder about your life, you are opening your personality self, your normal self, your socially educated self to more information from reality. That is receiving.

Thus, you allow more of that which you are conceiving as your higher self, through your higher mind, the conceiver we have discussed in the previous chapter.

Our brain is our receiver. The human antenna! It is receiving whatever is being conceived by our higher mind. Throughout this chapter, I will explain in detail, and as simple as I can, what our receiver is. Also, what it does and how it works.

As you will see, once you start to acknowledge this information, you will naturally become aware of it!

Meaning you will own it!

Naturally, as you own it by study and practice, it starts to work for you! And so, you can direct it intentionally toward every aspect of your life you feel you need to reshape.

In other words, you are becoming, wiser. Smarter. Therefore, more receptive than you were before reading/listening to this book. You make different and new synapses! Different and new brain pathways, more resourceful to you. You gain different brain plasticity that translates into new and different thoughts that you express out through the new (and different) actions you will take from now on.

In other words, through better receiving the vision, you think intentionally and deliberately.

As a result of deliberate thinking, you can get practical and simple solutions and insights into your daily life. You’ll be able to do it for yourself and for most of the people you meet. Thus, you effortlessly find the paths of the least resistance, toward any goal you take and any experience you chose to experience. This is the purpose of receiving; it is what our brain is meant to do.

Human antenna basis, structure, levels, and stress.

Our antenna (our brain) began to develop before our actual birth, together with our central nervous system. It is made of approximately 100 billion cells called neurons. The neurons continuously, and literally, fire energy and rest. This fire up of the energy of the neurons is called brainwave patterns, or brain level. The number of times per second that the neurons fire energy and rest, is called frequency.

Our tens of billions of neurons are always pulsating at various frequencies throughout our brain. In our daily wide-awake state, the brain neurons are pulsating rapidly. When we are relaxed or in deep sleep the firing slows down progressively.

We will come back to the various brain waves our brain is producing. You will see what happens to you while your brain moves from high frequencies to slower ones. Or, simply put, from high brain levels to lower ones, when receiving is most powerful.

Now let’s see the brain’s structure!

You probably are already familiar with the basic structure of the brain. There are the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. The brain’s dual structure together with the dominant brain hemisphere that you use in your daily life, affects your receiving of reality. In other words, it defines how you, then, see the world, and, not how the world is.


I’ve learned in my research, that the most creative people in the world seem to have flawless communication between these two brain hemispheres. Therefore, more powerful receiving phases. A better reception. The communication between the brain’s hemispheres is called brain synchronization. The synchronization of your brain’s hemispheres, being a direct reception of that which your higher mind has conceived, feels like profound inner peace. Also happiness, together with experiences of integration and connection with the entire Universe.

You can observe this experience of connection with the Universe at babies.

Babies are in the receiving phase all the time. As a grown-up, you feel it like a flow state where ideas, inspiration, and many otherwise untapped resources are coming at your service. Most people feel this state when they are happy. When they are doing any form of meaningful activity for them.

In conclusion, a synchronized brain gets a direct and complete reception.

Thus, it sees more, learns anything much faster and easier. Therefore, it becomes a constant supplier of solutions for our daily life. So how do we stay in brain synchronization, then?

The answer is:

Receiving by intent!

How? Meditation. An extended effect of brain synchronization is achieved by meditation. Meaning, by a conscious awareness regarding our state of being. Being present in the present moment.

As you remember, meditation (I believe) is our most natural state of being. Therefore, as we are in a meditative state, we are really in a flow state because, mechanically speaking, our brain’s hemispheres tend to synchronize. Thus, to communicate with each other. That’s purely receiving what is. We will talk more about the brain’s hemispheres and the effects meditation has on it. For now, I’ll describe it shortly and simply.

There are also, two very important brain components that you need to know about. The first one is called the reptilian complex. This part of the brain is responsible for our physical safety. Then, we have another brain component, connected with the reptilian complex, called the mammalian complex. This part of the brain is responsible for our emotional safety. These two components, linked in a symbiotic relationship with each other, are forming what is called the old brain.

The old brain is crucial in receiving that which our higher mind conceives.


Because it is responsible for our physical and emotional safety!

So, what does it mean?

It means that whenever we don’t feel safe from an emotional and physical point of view, the old brain takes over. Thus the brain’s hemispheres don’t communicate with each other anymore, so receiving gets very much challenged. This lack of communication between the two brain hemispheres is obviously causing an unbalance in the brain. Virtually all people suffer from it. It is called brain lateralization.

Now, what does that mean?

Brain lateralization means that we are using just one brain hemisphere at a time, without using our whole brain anymore. The old brain takes over, thus affecting and determining the shutting down of the brain’s hemispheres communication. We will get back to the old brain, a bit later, when we will explore the effects of stress in our daily living.

Now, let’s recap, what we’ve explored so far, and move on!

We have a reception antenna, a receiver, which is our brain. It is made of two brain hemispheres, a so-called old brain, made by the reptilian and the mammalian complex, which is made of cells called neurons. The neurons are made up of atoms. The atoms are made up of subatomic particles; protons, electrons, and neutrons, which are…


The energy within our brain is in constant motion. Forever moving from one form to another. Shaping itself in countless paths. This is an unseen process. However, it is observable with a machine called an electroencephalograph. Or, an EEG machine.

Coming back to meditation (which is our most natural state of being); it looks like the brain functions best whenever we allow ourselves to be in a meditative state. When we allow ourselves to be more of who we really are. Beyond conditioning and self-imposed limitations, due to the way we are educated.

Researchers have demonstrated that the brain generates different electrical brain wave patterns progressively longer and slower, as our meditative state becomes deeper. In other words, whenever our old brain feels emotional and physical safety then, it facilitates us the communication of our brain’s hemispheres. Meaning, brain synchronization, as you already know.

Now, here is what “longer and slower electrical brain wave patterns” mean:

As I have just said, the degree of hemispheric synchronization can be precisely determined by measuring the brain wave patterns (or brain levels) with the EEG machine. The most popular brain levels are beta, alpha, theta, and delta. As you remember, a brain wave pattern, or brain level, is how scientists named the brain neurons’ firing of energy and then resting. The number of times per second neurons fire and rest is called frequency.

It was discovered that the most predominant pulsing frequency of the brain is about 20 cycles per second.

It happens when we are wide-awake, usually busy.

This frequency is called a beta brain wave pattern or just the beta level. So, beta stands for everyday restlessness and business!

As we start to relax and become aware of our inbuilt inner world (of who and what we truly are), our brain moves away from restlessness. It moves from the beta level when we are usually unaware of ourselves, busily doing day-to-day stuff, into a longer, slower and more resourceful alpha level.

Simply stated: in alpha and lower, we think, create, and progress deliberately. While in beta, we are generally mindlessly busy minded, but, capable to perform basic tasks. Like some job for example.

See the difference?

Do you see what “longer and slower electrical brain wave patterns” mean for you?

To keep it simple, beta level is your normal day-to-day waking state. Closer to its highest extreme can mean anxiety, unease and the lack of inner peace. The alpha level, then, means introspection, focus, clarity, super-learning, and renewal. It occurs soon after closing our eyes and relaxing.

While relaxing or meditating we are slowing the brain down. From its fastest level, beta, when we are using our most dominant brain hemisphere, down to progressively slower brain levels such as alpha, theta, and delta, to various degrees of brain’s hemisphere synchronization. Meaning the brain’s hemisphere communication.

It is quite simple!

I will now go shortly through the brain levels, explaining them as simple as I can. We create some combination between all four of them all the time. Keep in mind that nothing is really separate! Nevertheless, according to research and brain science, most of the time our brain stays in beta.


This is the highest level, or brain wave pattern. It occurs at 13-100 cycles per second (cps). As I have said, it is the common level of our normal waking consciousness. It is associated with alertness, arousal, and concentration when our brain stays in the low-end range of the beta level.

The high-end beta, at over 30 cps, occurs in times when we are stressed and anxious. Dysfunctional and addictive behaviors, depression, (or neurosis) together with strong feelings of separation are experiences we feel at the extreme end of beta. Most people call this state of beta: negativity.


This is a lower level, between 8 – 12.9 cps. It occurs soon after we are closing our eyes and relaxing. Introspection. In alpha, our body is producing calming biochemicals. At the higher end of its range, we develop super-learning abilities and a sharp-focused perception. As we will explore in the coming chapter, the perception is the faculty of the physical mind: our perceiver.

Alpha occurs each time we are absorbed in a book or love working at a project, for example. Lower alpha waves means meditation. Our most natural state of being. We feel it by feeling peace and contentment in general. Tuning in for introspection, learning, relaxation, healing, and renewal.


This is even a lower level, 4 – 7.9 cps. It occurs in our rapid eye movement. Enhanced creativity, memory, healing, and integrative experiences, or learning, is how we are experiencing it. In this brain state, we have a sudden understanding and see how separate pieces get together. It is considered to be our personal door to the higher mind.


This is the lowest level, between 0.1 – 3.9 cps. It is the level of dreamless sleep. That is reaching the Universal Higher Mind shared by all humans.  Experiencing a deep feeling of unity and oneness with all that is. Many autonomic nervous systems functioning, without needing our attention, occur in Delta.

So why don’t we just stay in the alpha brain level or lower… permanently?

Let’s go back a bit to our so-called old brain: the reptilian and the mammalian complex. As you remember the old brain is crucially important in our reception of that which our higher mind conceives.

Why: because it is responsible for our physical and emotional safety! In the coming episode, we will discuss what emotional-physical safety means for us on day to day basis.

Until then, be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

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