Relationships and spiritual awakening!

In my today’s thoughts about relationships and spiritual awakening, I’m thinking about people who choose each other, and are challenged by an accelerated spiritual growth… and, they have no clue about how to handle it. By that I mean: people who choose to be together, as a family, regardless of whether they are legally married or not. And, then, chose to divorce, or separate, because their life together seems not to work any longer.

No mum, or dad, or godfather, godmother, what-have-you can teach you about your spiritual path when it is unfolding in front of you. Not even your chosen partner! Even if, at a deeper level – it is my belief – all partners choose each other to grow spiritually, regardless of their paths, or conscious awareness about the process they go through.

This is, I believe, the essence of any relationship.

Spiritual awakening! Any relationship! Families, romantic kind of involvement, friendships, and intense animosities, too. So, yes, relationships and spiritual awakening are what I’m thinking about today.

Maybe because I’ve done both, and, I am still growing. I married, divorced, married again, divorced again, and we are still living together, having two wonderful children, being at our best to live harmoniously together. We both hurt each other, unintentionally, we’ve hurt other people, too, while we were in a process of spiritual growth. I may sound simplistic or apologetic; I assure you I’m neither. We went through stuff, that is considered to be very unpleasant, doomed, actually, by many… and, it is actually unpleasant.

It hurts like no pain I can describe.

However, it is a very accelerated path of spiritual growth that benefits everyone involved who choose to embrace a spiritual perspective. The point of view of the soul, rather than of a personality. An experience like this, viewed only through the perspective of our personality, our egos… it is, often times, not acknowledged for what it is: growth and progress. Of course, when it is unacknowledged, it is repeated; with the same people, or others.

It seems at a spiritual level – from our soul’s point of view –  we are so much more willing to play, than we are, at our personal (personality) level. Ego tripping about how things should be between family members, and in relationships in general. Anyway!

If someone would have told me as I grew up, that I will marry and then divorce, I would have laughed in their face. I come from a traditional type of family who doesn’t divorce, no matter what. They don’t even pronounce the word divorce. I have some relatives who divorced when I was little, and my entire kin kept it as a secret; “something we just don’t talk about” for years.

I’m not pro-divorce, nor against it.

I just notice divorce or separation happens. We all have our reasons. I respect and love people; no judgment here.

I do however dare to say, I know why separation can happen in time. I have at least one scenario, that is like the essential structure of many couples that in time go for break up, divorce, separation. Here is probably the most common one. I’ll call it:

Relationships and spiritual awakening, Scenario 1:

The classical time bomb:

… when you’ll separate, and, find each other, again, in this lifetime.

You fall in love; you meet him, or her. They are the one for you. You can feel it with all your heart. You know! The looks, the smell, the voice, the taste, the language, the smile, the charm… she or he is the one. You know it in every atom of our body.

However, with just a few exceptions, most people close to you are not very happy with your decision. Your parents may be the first one against your marriage, legally speaking or else. Now, if you are not spiritually mature enough; you will break up, eventually. You will, first, let the doubt creep in. Then you will start picturing very different internal representations than the ones you were picturing in your honeymoon period… Then, you will break up. It is just a matter of time.

The wonderful thing is, that if he or she is the one… you will find each other again, no matter the denial and pain you will go through, until your new level of spiritual growth, when, regardless of anything, and anyone, you will be together again.

It’s a classic!

Of course, there are other scenarios for challenged relationships and spiritual awakening, but, I believe this one is very, very common, and, it is the one I’ve played with over the last decade, too. Now, my wife and I grew a little… Also, we have some very upset relatives. You see, in our growth, we’ve unintentionally, messed up their story about who we were supposed to be.

Nevertheless, our children are happy for having both parents, together, and we are happy we’ve learned immensely about ourselves, including about our relationships with the other members of our families. No more masks! Let’s stay real!

Now, how about you? Please tell us, how do you grow? Are you becoming aware of your essence? Did you find the one? If so, did you meet the objections of the closest people to you?

Please share with us!

Let’s keep the love alive… no matter how tempting the compromise may be, at times!

You have my love!





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