I am Sandi Dragoi, the author of the Think Zing book, among other roles I currently play in my life, as you will see. The reason I speak about these ideas is my love for them. Understanding, for me, is synonymous with knowing. Knowing different IS one short definition of personal transformation, which I adore. That is why I do what I do. Simply put: It’s LOVE!


“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”

– Socrates

I found this quote in Effective Public Relations by Scott M. Cutlip, Allen H. Center and Glen M. Broom, a book also known as The PR Bible. I was, then, preparing for the role of Sandi Dragoi, future PR & Marketing Master. Funny, I’ve read all the required books, and prepared my presentation for the exam, only to decide I don’t want to take this role. Nevertheless:

Socrates’ words made quite an impression on me!

It helped me revive an older than a decade vision, which led me to a deeper understanding of the things you are reading about in the Think Zing book. Also, it fuelled my daily actions to endeavor to be what I desire to appear:

Let me, please, share with you, my story: Sandi Dragoi and some of his roles so far. I promise it’s anything, but, boring.

It starts with Sandi Dragoi dreaming with open eyes!

Long before I have learned about frequency, vibration, attraction, deliberate creation, awakenings, intentional mindful thinking and allowing life to be, I knew in my heart of hearts we can have, do, and be anything we want. Especially, when I was little. Sandi Dragoi, the day-dreamer, is one of my favorite roles, so far.

At 8 I decided I want to be an actor, so I become one. At 15 I decided I want to work in Hollywood, at 25 I won the green card lottery, so I could have gone and started working in Hollywood. I even had the money for the plane ticket. However, a few weeks before getting the green card I meet this stunning woman, and, I decide to stay, and be with her. I’m very happy and grateful I decided so. I became Sandi Dragoi, the family man.

Today, we have two lovely daughters together, and, an interesting lifestyle. I’m happy and grateful for all these years in which, sometimes through a carousel of emotional pain, I started to awaken to who and what I am. Very, very grateful.

I tend to always get what I want, you see! We all do! It’s just a matter of matching the frequency, the vibration of that which you are attracted to, or attract to you.

You always get what you want!

Whether you are aware of this fact or not, it’s irrelevant. It’s a law. It’s physics, not, philosophy. Or better: it’s both.

But, truth be told, my knowledge about these facts, was, in my late 20’s and 30’s, somewhat, fleeting. And, also, I didn’t think.

Which is why a few days before I turned 40 I realized, that, more than a year worth of my time and money, poured into what I believed was a possible constructions-real estate-like business, turned out to be smoke and mirrors. Something that will never happen! So, I kinda lost my cool, for a little while.

You see, just like you probably, I have a family I want to contribute to the wellbeing of, and, as I’ve realized, then, I have nothing to show for, a few days before I’m turning 40.

What was I thinking?

Chasing a constructions-real estate-like business, I didn’t particularly like? Also, I didn’t have the training for, or the right skills, or any kind of pleasure for doing it? Again, as I ‘ve admitted in the first episode of the Think Zing series: I was not thinking.

I have a, sometimes unhappy with me ex-wife, upset with my preoccupations, or my professional pace, even though, at times she likes me, a lot.

And, I have my two treasures of daughters, as I told you earlier. Eva is 8, Noa is almost 11, as I write these lines. That potential business, was, as I saw at that moment, my only source of possible income. It was our hope to thrive, in challenging times.

Now, it was gone!

So, you see, I was not in a good place, then, a few days before turning 40. (That was the role of Sandi Dragoi in a hole.)

As I feel kinda breathless, my ex-wife comes to me and she asks me:

“Hey, how about more school? I heard there is a master program for future executives in customs! If you do it you can get a secure state job.”

I didn’t know what to think about, in times when I was not thinking, anyway. However, as I started to wonder about that question, I started to see the reason for a life given to studying stuff I love, like everything you can find at zingnificent.com, for example.

By asking her question, she, then, helped me start to be aware, once again, of who I am, of what I’ve been doing for most of my life, and, of what I have studied to become, for a very long time.

“Hey, how about more study?”

That was the question for me!

It was the beginning of Sandi Dragoi allowing himself to just be present again! This question swirled back into me, in my mind’s eyes, my entire life. I knew I’ve always ticked to a different tick, different from my family, and, of most people I know. Now, I began to see the why and the how of it.

Once again, like in all the times in my life when I was receptive, I got the vision. I saw what to do next with my life, in a meaningful, fulfilling, practical, useful, and productive way. Based on what I know, on what I’m good at, and, on what I love to do, I began to define what it is that I want.

My why and how perfectly led me to what I’m doing, now. I would change nothing in the path I’ve walked so far, that’s how happy and grateful I am for what I have become.

Remember I started to feel I want to become something, intentionally, when I was 8 years old. After long observing a deliriously funny drunk man, in a restaurant while I was at a family dinner, I decided I want to be an actor. So, I followed specific formal education and, 15 years later, I became Sandi Dragoi, a Theatre, Film and TV, professional actor.

So, I was an actor for a while.

Also, a producer for a short while, too. As an actor, I have performed in various theatres from Bucharest, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague and a few other European cities. I’ve appeared in movies such as Cold Mountain directed by Anthony Minghella, Youth Without Youth directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Modigliani with Andy Garcia, Sweeney Todd with Ray Winstone, Catacombs with Pink and California Dreamin’ with Armand Assante, to name some of my early work.

I also did, faceless soldiers, medieval soldiers, one dead body, various zombies, “one-line” characters like:

“They are here!”

… an Indian extra, even though, I’m not Indian. I’ve acted in a few Romanian movies as well, and, I have co-produced and acted as a leading actor in a Romanian TV film series.

When I was 15 years old, I decided I want to move to Hollywood, and, be an actor there. To work there I knew I needed a green card! 10 years later, I’m 25, and, while being on a European tour, playing in Leipzig, one evening, after finishing the play, I went out for drinks with my colleagues. So, we found a bar and started to party. At one point, I go to the toilet, and, as I’m doing my business, I see, in the toilet, facing me, a postcard stand, with a funny postcard in it.

I get closer to the funny postcard and start reading it:

“Go and work in the USA. Join the Green Card lottery.”

It was 2002.

I didn’t, yet, see The Secret, I didn’t know anything about attraction and vibration. I knew nothing about these sorts of things. Nevertheless, I got the Goosebumps as I read the postcard’s text, and, I took it as my cue to join the Green Card Lottery.

Three years later, in 2005, I got it. I won the Lottery. Funny, like life is, I got it a few weeks after I met my today’s second and first ex-wife, possible, my new wife. To make a long story short, I didn’t want to work as an actor in Hollywood, anymore, since I met my ex and possible future wives.

So, I’m 25, I’ve dedicated my whole life to become an actor. And, I did it. I’m an actor. I, now, know a lot about acting, theatre, movies, music, and party. I kinda get anything I set my mind to get, but, at 25, I’m blind to the fact that I can achieve anything I want.

I’m 25. I met a woman I’m head over hills in love with, I, obviously, can get anything I want to get in life, even win the green card lottery.

Still, I don’t quite see it, yet.

Besides, not going to the US, after dreaming a decade to do it, not wanting to be an actor anymore in Romania, because it’s very different from Hollywood, was quite a turn.

But, what do I do now? You see, back then, I didn’t know that all I have to do is to vividly define – and practice in my imagination – what it is that I want!

My, then, future wife is an accomplished businesswoman, successful, gorgeous, sophisticated, and five years older than me. Also, she seems to oscillate between dating me, and, minding her life without me in it. Nevertheless, as you know by now, I always get anything my heart desires. But, back at 25, though, things were different. I needed a job, and, as always, the Universe got me one.

And, a very cool one.

Just a few months after deciding to stay in Romania, and, follow what I love – my, then, future first and second ex-wife – a life opportunity got me working in political marketing projects. Being fascinated with communication, and, presenting programs, live, in front of hundreds of people, I, obviously, liked the job, a lot.

I joined Werber Public Affairs, an international political marketing company. First, as a communication specialist, and, then, as personal assistant to Ron Werber, the CEO, and founder of the company.

The work was fantastic, and, Ron became an awesome friend. After about 6 years of working together on our marketing projects, I realized political projects are not my calling. So, I quit anything related to politics. But, I’m happy and grateful to Ron, for introducing me to marketing, which I started to love, passionately. Especially internet marketing, blogging, social media and all that kind of stuff.

Also, after seeing the movie The Secret back in 2006, I decided I want to become what I am today.

It was the start of Sandi Dragoi, the student by design. Therefore, I started with practical, spiritual and meditation mentoring from Bill Harris, the director of Centerpointe Research Institute. Bill is one of the teachers in The Secret. Being constantly hungry for learning, to better myself, I bought and studied quite a few courses and programs about information processing abilities from Paul Scheele’s Learning Strategies Corporation, too. I’ve learned PhotoReading and many, many other very cool things.

At Learning Strategies Corporation, I’ve also discovered Master Chuniy Lin, and his Spring Forrest Qigong. Fascinated with my new discovery, I bought his course and started to study and practice, ever since, sometimes every day, sometimes taking long breaks from it!

Then, to learn better about how to build an online business I bought and studied multiple internet marketing online courses, a few great books, and, a game changer program from Rich Scheffren of Strategic Profits. Game changer, expensive, and, out of which, then, I could afford only six modules out of 12, Rich being, among other things, pricy. He is at times, consulting the Google boys and other multi-million dollars businesses.

Top notch in the game.

Later, in 2011, I’ve committed myself to Mike Koenigs’ Traffic Geyser | Instant Customer internet video marketing, social media marketing, and positioning certification program, and, I bought and studied another five figures $ online course. My second one. Rich was first. This time, I took money from my Dad, and, paid Mike in full.

And, then, I bought and studied another online course: Author Expert Marketing Machines. I got even a deeper knowledge of internet marketing, publishing, and, another certificate, too.

Pricey, but, I did it! So, after studying with Mike & Team I became Sandi Dragoi, a platinum-certified professional internet marketing, social media expert, and, an author.

Quite pompous titles stated by my several certificates.

Funny, like life is, Traffic Geyser | Instant Customer was later sold. My pompous certifications and badges began to float in space, now, since they are no longer attached to anything. The entity who issued them, exists just as a memory, now. However, I have them, and, I say, what I have learned from the programs is, and, will always be valuable.

Because of my investments, I know stuff about these subjects, that many of the people on our planet don’t, yet, imagine existing. I’m gratefully sharing it at zingnificent.com

Among other things, since 2015, I am a Personal Development Advisor.

I became Sandi Dragoi, the coach. My diploma is certified by the Romanian Ministries of Labour and Education, and it is attested by the European Union. Another pompous title, I’m quoting from. Simply put, it means: legally speaking, you, and anybody, can count on me, as a coach or trainer, if you will, regarding intentional-deliberate thinking, and personal development in general.

Again, I know stuff about these subjects, that most of the people on our planet don’t. I am gratefully sharing it throughout this book and at zingnificent.com

So, having done so many things, and, learning so much stuff from so many wonderful teachers, what on Earth was I doing back in 2016? Why was I chasing a construction-real-estate-like business, I didn’t particularly like?! Nor did I have the training for, or the skills, or any kind of pleasure doing it!

The answer, again:

I was not thinking.

As you can see, my ex-wife, current-lover, possible future wife’s question:

“Hey, how about more study?”

… literally, was my cue to start thinking! Shortly, after hearing the question, I started to wonder about fields of work I know a lot about, and, I am good at. If felt like God, in His miraculous ways, through my ex-wife’s lips, was reminding me about what I have always loved to do: Observing, studying and practicing whatever I love to observe and study.

Remember, I told you, I decided in 2006, I want to be a Teacher like the people from the Secret.

Well, guess what?

My ex-wife’s question ignited afresh that old thought I’ve had in 2006. Today I do what the Teachers from The Secret do. I do see myself more like a storyteller telling empowering stories that might teach you something if you want to learn.

I have invested over a decade in constant informal and formal specific study, which I will never stop. I’ve been hanging out with some very successful multi-millionaires, picking their brains, and, learning anything I could from them. Internet marketing, business building, social media, communication and personal development, together with all their derivate, is my kind of fun!

Together with my friend and business partner Codrin Vultur…

We’ve founded zingnificent.com

We do what we love to do, every day. This is the role of Sandi Dragoi building a labor of love.

I write about what I’m passionate about, I make videos, I speak to the world, I give my best. Also, I coach and consult people and businesses aiming at intentional results. Deliberate and mindful thinking, communication strategies, presentations, and public speaking, while discovering your uniqueness and authenticity is what I can help with.

Losing myself so far into unconsciousness, relatively recently, helped me find me once again.

I’m happy and grateful I never gave up, even in moments I really wanted to.

Thank you for your attention!

In the coming episode, we’ll discuss Wondering!

I’m Sandi Dragoi. Be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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