Spiritual growth, faith and the purpose of pain, is what I want to share with you today.

Whenever we consider starting something – anything –  most of us want instant results; instant gratification. We wish we wake up the next day or so, already having what we want. Right?

That is why it is called wishful thinking.

Spiritual growth, faith and the purpose of pain can teach us to change our minds regarding the expectations of instant results. It doesn’t work like this.

Psychologically speaking, while we want the “instant results”, we can only see the distance between us and the object of our desire. At times, that may be quite a gap. And, while staring at it, we fail to see that we are on our way to achieving our outcome… and, that we are progressing.

Measuring results forward, toward the outcome, it may feel as if not moving at all. But, when we look at whatever plan or work we have in progress and measure backward, we may see how far ahead we got without realizing it.

These are the facts.


The distance between point A and point B.

“Where was I when I decided to do this, and how am I, now, while doing it?”

This simple question may help you find all kinds of inner resources, you don’t know you have. It forces results out of you. Now, regardless of how big or small the results are, when you become aware of your progress, your faith is always increasing.

I call the conscious awareness of progress: spiritual growth, faith and the purpose of pain. Thus, it is all making sense. Sure, I find the pain is not necessary, but, still, is an awesome teacher.

It teaches us what not to do any longer.

Everything is a process. Our entire life is an unfolding process of discoveries upon discoveries about ourselves. Faith and spiritual awareness connect us with our inner guidance. It is possible we may not always understand where the inner guidance is leading us.

It is possible that some of the actions we are guided to take may not lead us to the results we expect. Nevertheless, faith – that sense of certainty – the trust that our inner messages are leading us to the completion of our purpose, even as we don’t know how at times, is how we achieve anything.

With faith, the dots always connect.

You only need to know where it is you are going and, crucially important, to keep moving toward your chosen destination. And, measure backward! See where you were when you started your journey, look at the progress you’ve made so far, and congratulate yourself for taking action.

Taking constant action is how you will get anything you want.

Patience, too, regardless of how obnoxious it feels, when you are broke, broken inside, working to push forward, wondering how will you do all you know you must do. Faith, inspired actions, and patience, while you act until you shift toward your preferred reality.

It is annoyingly simple! Now, why do you do what you do… or fail to do? Why?

Again, pain is a great teacher, but, it is not necessary anymore at a point in your life! Can you believe you have learned to suffer from an incredible amount of unnecessary pain? You did!

You’ve learned it from people who dislike their current way of living so deeply, but who can’t change. Why? Personal paradigms, inner personal maps of reality, old life programs, self-image! Automatic unconscious filtering! Mental direction filter! Borrowed beliefs and values!

People who are only looking for an audience who would hear them complain, but, who would never challenge their current belief systems, their current paradigms, the internal map of reality, old life program, self-image, etcetera.

People who associate the status-quo with safety, familiarity, even if it is total misery and pain.

Misery loves company.

Beware of those moments when you think you are kind, and, considerate, and, decide to spend some time with miserable people, who are blind and death to your kindness, looking just for an audience! They may have such an impact on you, you may turn into a miserable person, too.

Be kind, and, also, careful! Full of care for you, I mean! The purpose of pain is to inspire you to give yourself a purpose. To avoid potential miserable circumstances and people. Give yourself a purpose:

“For what purpose am I spending my time with X or Y?” – again, a very simple question you can use in almost any life situation.

A purpose is a value you put first on your list of your values. It is your reason for doing something, anything. Everything you do consciously or unconsciously serves a purpose: yours or somebody else’s. You will be happy if you find out that behind all the actions you are taking, you are serving your own purpose and not someone else’s.

With a self-given purpose, you start growing spiritually. Inner resources come out. Your faith in your abilities to succeed and enjoy your life processes, increase. Spiritually growing, with faith and self-given purpose removes the unnecessary pain from your life.

Ok! The these were my ideas about spiritual growth, faith and the purpose of pain I felt fascinated to share today at Start Afresh Monday. My purpose is to find my people. All those who resonate with the ideas I’m sharing at zingnificent.com All those I may be able to serve and assist in some way. Anyone whom I may help or inspire in some way. My purpose!

How about you? What is yours? Please share with us! What do you want to do, be and have? What moves you? Did you already find your inner resources to get it? Reach back to me.

I can help.

It is my honour to serve you with ideas, perspective and a new phase of wondering in your life. Please comment, share, and ask me your questions I can help you with.

You have my love; please give this brother some love back. Share this video, please: It is my primary intention to meet all the people I can benefit with my life experience, knowledge, insights and life practice. Thank you! Love is the way!

Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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