Spiritual growth, based on leading-edge psychological science and research, simply means tuning inwards, consciously!


“Work is spiritual. It is a place where we have the opportunity for spiritual growth. Often, these opportunities come from the ‘how’ of the ways we do our work rather than the ‘what’ of the work itself.”

– Anne Wilson Schaef

In other words, spiritual growth, the way I understand it, means a conscious connection, made by your own thinking, will, and intention, with your Higher Self. Acknowledging a higher power, no matter how you call it: God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, or, All There Is. Obviously, we have many names for It; for something that is probably nameless in the sense we use language and words.

In conclusion, whenever we decide to consciously acknowledge this connection, it brings us aliveness, healthier bodies, a more supportive environment, and opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Now, let’s see what spiritual growth is not:

  • Poverty
  • Suffering
  • Isolation
  • Rejecting the world
  • Displaying a false superiority
  • Dogmatism
  • Superstitions
  • Hypocrisy

Or, repulsion toward:

  • Money
  • Business
  • Riches
  • Healthy sexual activity
  • Joy

That cannot be spiritual growth. I call this tripping, ego-tripping; not spiritual growth. As you grow spiritually you reach a higher understanding, joy, and zest for life, not repulsion and suffering. The classic “I’m good, you’re bad” kinda stuff.

Spiritual growth is like finding yourself within.

Thus, being fully present, aware and alert, you allow your everyday life to work.

In addition, you bring into your life increasingly higher levels of order, harmony, clarity. You bring love into your everyday life. It is, in my opinion, the single most important thing you can focus on if you want a joyful, peaceful, and abundant life. Spiritual growth, as I see it, is the truth; your truth. It is what you came here for.

As we grow spiritually we are able to see the bigger picture of our lives. We become more aware of the path of humanity’s evolution as well as our own part in evolution.

Our mission and purpose.

The very reason why we’re here, now, today; together in these marvelous times, we are all living.

The way I see it, spiritual growth is being your higher self, the best possible version of you! We all dream about it, no matter what part of the world we occupy! All of us want it! No matter our gender, age, social status, religion, superstitions; we all want to be aware of this connection.

We all dream we can connect with people in higher ways. Trust more and keep our hearts open. Reach new levels of compassion, understanding, freedom, sharing, and intimacy. We all dream we can lift the veils of illusions so we can see the world and the Universe with the eyes of our higher self; not just of the personalities we’ve become.

Spiritual growth is becoming aware of your higher self!

Therefore, acknowledging our source, consciously!

Make sense?

In the coming episode, we are talking about: How can one be more spiritual?

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Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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