Think Zing! How to be you? And, how to use my book which describes the phases of deliberate thinking is what we’ll discuss in this episode.


“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

 George S. Patton

If you’ve been listening to the first episode of the Think Zing series, about deliberate thinking, you know, now, why this book, and my work exists! It is all meant to help you learn how to think deliberately, intentionally in a very natural and creative manner. How to originate your own thoughts? Live your life by your own design, rather than confusing your mental activity with deliberate thinking.

Mental activity is not thinking with intention.

Also, if you allow it to be so, the book and my work at is a spiritual perspective of how to think!  How to use with all you’ve got to get all you can get. My aim here is to help you go through the challenges of an experience, you might know nothing about, and which can be challenging.

For me, at times, it felt frustrating, but I kept going. Finally, I’ve learned this stuff. Also, I’ve learned to admire, and, discern. Other people experiences about their own path to understanding may be misleading to you, because, you may compare yourself with them, with their own interpretation of their process, and, often with other’s people results, which, at early stages, we don’t get.

At least, yet.

No matter who the other people are, other people interpretations of how you learn this process, or anything, cannot match yours.

So, to cut to the chase, I’m not going to tell you how to feel about it, what to believe, or give you a set of rituals, methods and techniques you can perform. What I do is describe the mechanics of thinking, because, mechanically speaking, thinking, as an awakening or not, is the same for all of us.

The mechanics are the same for each of us.

We may have about 7,000,000,000 possible interpretations of it.

The power for us, for you, is in mastering the mechanics of it and, then, execute and implement your understanding into your life!


No matter how we call it, there are specific steps, phases more likely; we all go through to activate and practice thinking skills. I have discovered 7 phases through which deliberate thinking occurs.

  1. Wondering,
  2. Conceiving,
  3. Receiving,
  4. Perceiving,
  5. Filtering,
  6. Opening,
  7. Understanding.

Each phase is a unique and complete experience in itself.

However, the phases are not isolated. They always work with all the others in concert. Always, even if most people don’t go consciously through all of them.

Even though when you read about, it looks like a linear process, in reality, the process is more like circling, like spiraling up. As you reach phase 7, a certain level of understanding, you naturally move up into a new cycle, with a new step 1:

A certain phase of wondering.

Then, the more conscious you become of the entire process in itself, you will intentionally and consciously lead yourself, finally into more understanding. Then, you go up into wondering, again, and so on, endlessly.

So, I have identified each of these steps, and, I’m breaking them down into dedicated chapters in “Think Zing! How to be you!” and in these series. I am explaining each of them as simple as I can, and, as neutral as I can be. I repeat, it is the mechanics of thinking, that will help you become deliberate, intentional and mindful.

The true meaning, for you, of this process, is still something you will arrive at.

I am not a guru.

There are no ready-made solutions for your life. I can, however, help you, and anyone, really, prove that you truly are your own solution to your own life. Always. Even if, for now, you may believe otherwise.

I am just a catalyst, facilitating a process of self-discovery and self-realization that leads to the natural activation of your thinking from within. Thus, you are empowered with simple knowledge, derived from what we don’t know, mostly.

My recommendation is that you go through each chapter sequenced in the outlined order. Above everything, see if it makes sense to you!

Start with Part 1: Wondering!

Wondering, as you will find out, comes from Conceiving. It is like your future YOU, is hinting to your current present version of YOU, to match it, right now, in what you are Receiving from it and Perceiving as being your present time! You will then be Filtering your received data to create an Opening that will lead you to a new Understanding and a better perception of who you are.

If this first part intrigues you, if it zings true to you, continue!

 Take your time with yourself in digesting all this! When you feel ready, go with the next following chapter. Absorb it, then go with the next following chapter, and so on. It’s a process you allow yourself to go through, or not.

Finally, it is up to you, if you read it and work with it, or forget about it, right now. Hoping you are enjoying this as much as I do, in the coming episode I’m sharing with you more about who I am, and why do I speak about this stuff I love so much.

Be well.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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