Vision! Finally, the vision refining questions!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

– Proverbs, 28:18

Literally! Now, I believe, you are ready and know enough to allow your reception to receive more. Also, as you can see, while going through these pages, we’ve reached a higher level of Understanding.

Isn’t it beautiful?

And now, we go again, into more Wondering! However, a cycle higher. As you know by now, deliberately thinking starts with questions; you wonder. Therefore, as a result of your wondering, the vision starts to shape itself through you.

The following questions, each of them, will take you through each phase of the life continuum mechanics you have learned about.

Here they are, again: wondering, conceiving, receiving, perceiving, filtering, opening, understanding. Then you are beginning a new cycle!


The following steps are designed to help you receive the vision of your labor of love:

  • What activities are you doing in your ideal version of life?
  • What type of skills are you using in your ideal daily work; reading, talking, negotiating, counseling, thinking, writing, organizing, managing?
  • Are you participating in sports or physical activities?
  • Do you work with objects, build things, and fix things, machines or equipment?

Let’s see the vision for your work/meaningful activity environment

  • Are you working with children?
  • Or, with plants, or animals?
  • Are you working with people?
  • Do you work online or offline?
  • Are you working by yourself?
  • Are you working with the same people every day?
  • What are these people like?
  • What is your role in your work with them?
  • Do you work with data and information?

Now let’s see the vision about your time investments:

  • How much time do you work alone?
  • How many hours a week do you devote to moneymaking activities?
  • What hours do you work?
  • How many days in a row do you work each week?
  • Or each month?

Back to your environment, again:

  • How does your job look like; is it a physically dynamic active job?
  • Do you work in a slow relaxed atmosphere?
  • What does your workplace look like?
  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • Do you work from home, or in a center or office?
  • Do you travel?
  • If so, where and how often?
  • Do you work in a city or countryside?
  • What status do you have or what role do you play at work?
  • How about the responsibilities you have?
  • What are your opportunities for advancement?
  • Are you part of a team?
  • Do you work for a large or small company?
  • Or for yourself?

Now, let’s discover the vision of your overall lifestyle:

  • Where do you live; city, the mountains, by the water, countryside, ocean, sea, etc.?
  • What do you live in; apartment, a house, a mansion, etc.?
  • Who are your friends?
  • What are they like?
  • What do you do together?
  • And, what do you talk about?
  • Also, what hobbies do you have?
  • How often do you do them?
  • What do you do for personal fulfillment?
  • How does your day look like?
  • When do you wake up?
  • When do you go to sleep?
  • What do you do for your ongoing education?
  • What do you read?
  • How about informal education?
  • Which strengths are continuously developing?

Presuming you wake up at 6 a.m. and retire to your bedroom at 10 p.m.

The following steps are meant to help you envision your regular ideal day. Of course, you don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m. and go to sleep at precisely 10 p.m. Whatever time you spend being wide awake, 12 hours or more, break it into 4 segments. Therefore, you have a mental blueprint of how your day is structured.

  • How, where, and with whom do you spend your time from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., and what do you do?
  • Then, the same questions go from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.? What do you do? With whom?
  • How, where, and with whom do you spend your time from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and what do you do?
  • Again, the same questions go from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.? What do you do? And, with whom?
  • How about after 10 p.m.? What do you do, then? With whom?

Take your time with the answers. Ask your own questions, too, thinking about even higher options and possibilities. Imagine yourself having more than what you have imagined having at the first read.

Give yourself time to do it.

Your answers are your own blueprint for life. It is YOUR conception. Everything you have and everything you will ever have is coming from you. You are the source. Get clearer about yourself. You will naturally connect the dots, and you will release many self-imposed limits regarding what you thought is possible and probable.

You are your own model.

Reform your self-image, expand your map of reality, and, get the results YOU want! Decide about what you can be, what you can do and what you can have.

Use what you have learned about:

  • HOW you create your feelings,
  • behaviors,
  • what and whom you attract into your life,
  • and, what and whom you’re attracted to.

These things, collectively, create much everything that happens in your life. The main point here is that whatever is happening in your life, inside and out; it’s you, doing it. It isn’t just happening. As you will figure out HOW you are doing it, you can change it.

Most people are concerned with WHY they do things? Why they get certain results. I’ve learned from some of my teachers, who are getting amazing results in their life, that “why” isn’t the best question. What matters is:

HOW you’re creating whatever is happening in your life?

If you’re anxious, how do you DO “being anxious”? If you can’t make enough money, how do you do “not making money”? Or, If you’re afraid, how do you do “being afraid”? Whatever is happening, somehow, you’re doing it. You may not know how! However, there’s something you’re doing inside that generates it. It’s coming from something you are doing.

This is a very different way of looking at life. What happens is coming from you! Your job is to figure out what you’re doing inside that generates it. To learn this, you have to actually go inside and look at what you’re doing. You have to watch your internal processes. Just reading or listening to the “Think Zing!” book, is not enough!

You must own your inner mechanics.

Inner work, that is, which is everything I’m suggesting throughout this entire book. The real learning, though, the real transformation, will happen when you go inside your own head, sort of speaking, and notice exactly how you’re using these different parts of your map of reality to create what happens in your life.

You have now all the tools you need to succeed. I’ve been sharing with you the very things I am using and playing with every day. I know this stuff works. It changed my life. To say the least; things are very different, now. Therefore, I highly recommend you do what I did. Also, if you feel like it, see our Transformation Inside-Out online course. 

It is taking you much deeper into working deliberately and owning your inner mechanics. 8 online modules, that I suggest you assimilate over the time of 8 weeks. Also, it is very affordable.

Plus, you’ll get to work with me, directly.

Transformation Inside-Out is coming to you with e-mail access to me, manuals, workbooks, and more if necessary, for our lifetime. However, and most importantly, it is what I did, and, consistently have in my conscious, daily, attention. As you may have noticed so far, I am only recommending what I use. Therefore, I know it works, because I am working this stuff, every day, no exaggeration.

It was my honor to serve you with stuff I love so much. I look forward to actually meet with you one day. Celebrate your progress; your success.

Until we meet again,

Be good.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

Sandi Dragoi

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