“Wondering” is that feeling we get when the old makes no sense; when we naturally grow. Thus, we start to question everything – or most of what we used to know before that divine moment of wondering.


“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering”

–  Saint Augustine

How else can we grow, unless we start questioning what we used to know (or thought we knew)?

This is what I call: wondering!

Welcome once again to The Zingnificent Show! A better idea about yourself is our aim for you. In this episode, we are discussing Wondering, the first step to our inner mechanics regarding deliberate living.

Let me connect with you, now. I do respect your time, and I respect my time, as well. I wrote “Think Zing!” for you, and me. I’ve gathered and studied this information from many good thinkers for over a decade. If you decide to study it, this information is empowering you. It changed my life. And, each time I teach this information, I master it better. So, we both win, here!

The entire book is a constant dialogue I have with you! Obviously, I cannot hear your answers, but, I invite you to answer as I could hear you. If you want to really reach me, come to find me at zingnificent.com Drop me a line in the comments area if you will.

I can and will help you re-think your life.

Get unstuck and redefine all the challenging aspects of your life! Gain new perspectives and insight into:

  • who you are,
  • what you are,
  • why you do what you do,
  • how you do it,
  • and, how you can change everything!

I’m sharing with you the mechanics of mindful thinking, intentionally and deliberately.

In other words: a conscious way of living.

Conscious living means living with conscious awareness about who you are. Period. Not knowledgeable about all the stuff you were taught to believe. That stuff is obviously not working very well for you, and, as you may have noticed already, for many people from our planet these days!

That is why you are wondering, right now! It is up to you how profoundly you take it.

We can talk about changes, our planet, spiritual growth, spiritual traditions and meditation for the course of several books. However, we are not going to do that in this book! We don’t have several books worth of time – we have, what I call: now. I’ll explain more about NOW through the course of this book, but, since you are here now, reading these lines, and I am also here, let’s do something, right NOW!

Let’s use our time wisely!

We have 7 big chapters of this book. I am dividing them into multiple episodes for you, for a better assimilation! Why? Because I want you to use this information right now, in your daily life. Most of you will find everything you been looking for, in here. Some of you may find it elsewhere. I’m sharing my own experiences; stuff that is working for me, right now! And, we are the same, in essence.

It is my conviction that out inner mechanics are the same for all of us; woman or man, black, red, yellow, white or whitish… we are the same One Consciousness, focalized on various levels of this One Consciousness.

Each chapter describes a specific part in a continuous and undivided process that all of us go through, most of us being completely unaware of it. This is one of our biggest challenges: We don’t know what we don’t know, but once YOU get to know it, everything changes for you.


Because you change!

Transform, more likely. The fact that you are wondering right now, is your cue that your deliberate transformation has begun.

You transform by intention, design, and conscious choices. That is the knowledge I am talking about. And, it is what I will help you discover. That means power, and, power is what you want! Power over yourself, even though, you may not articulate it as I do. Yet! If you think about it though, this is what you truly want, and this is what power really is; know thyself! That is the key to everything!

So, what don’t you know, then?

Well… lets’ talk about you!

 Let’s say you are a grown up, meaning a mature person; your gender, and, geographical location being really irrelevant! Depending on your courage, the height of the personal challenges you go through, and depending on your level of honesty with yourself, YOU, at least, admit to yourself that you are overwhelmed with the rapid changes, you begin to spot into… well, everything!

By everything I mean: family, relationships, health, wellbeing, business, work, time, money in your pocket. Above all, how you feel about yourself, mostly. Too much stuff doesn’t make sense anymore!

Am I making sense to you, so far?

You have been playing by the rules all your life: you did, even if you may believe you didn’t! At least, you did your best. I know this; I’m not going to insist on it, let’s move on.

 Let’s bring into our dialogue your early beginnings in life! First, let’s talk about your Gods; your biological makers. I am talking about your parents! You will understand why I am doing it in a minute.

I say you were a good kid for your parents. Yes, maybe you were rebellious here and there, maybe too much of a hippy sometimes, maybe too curious, maybe too shy, maybe too much in love… sometimes with people that your parents didn’t like and approve, maybe too much of a daydreamer, maybe too different, maybe gay. All normal, here.

Nothing really disturbing, even if your parents acted (or are still acting) as if they are, or were, disturbed.

No jail, no burglaries, no drug, and guns dealing issues, or any possible issues that may have gotten you involved with the law enforcement officers, for example.

None of that!

Thus, no matter what you or your parents may believe, or have believed about you in case they are no longer with us, you were a good kid for your parents. All of us are, so let’s be done with it!

So, yes, you have issues with your parents. No big deal, we all have our own issues with our parents. We all have our parents’ expectations about how our life should be like, coexisting with how our life really is, in reality! Therefore, all of us have our particular specific issues with them. All of us, no exception!

According to the information I’ve found in various books, or online, about people like Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, etc., they were also challenging little humans to be raised by parents when they were little; meaning they were a challenge for their own parents. What I am saying, in other words, is that you are in good company. Whatever specific issues you believe you have, we will specifically get there, I guarantee! As I have promised you, I am helping you transcend it, no matter what it is!

But, to get to the point:

… you are really normal, generally speaking!

As a grown-up, now, you may be having your own kids. Do you? I do.

That is even more challenging, because you may be facing some few added issues to the already existing issues you have already had with your parents.

They may not be delighted with how you raise your own kids. Again, no big deal! I can bet that your parents have had the very same issues with their own parents, meaning with your grandparents:

Their Gods who made your Gods!

If right now, you are wondering, what’ the deal with the “Gods thing” that I have used twice already, well, it is really simple!

Since everything you know, and believe to be true for you even today, since your most immediate Universe was governed by your parents very early in your life, and much longer in most cases, your parents are really like your Gods to you. They are present in your blood, state of being, emotions, thoughts, belief system, values, actions, real-life scenario, even if you are not aware of it, right now. You will be, very soon!

I am not saying that your parents are the ones to be blamed for your life!

No, no, no! I am not saying that you should rebel against your parents! Again: no!

Quite the contrary!

What I am saying is that you need to realize, you must acknowledge, you must know the importance of their presence in your life, in all the ways, especially the unseen ways, the less obvious ones, which I’ll light up for you.

That’s why I call them Gods because in a sense they are, just like you are or will be for your own kids.

So, let’s come back to you!

We’ve concluded that you are, now, a grown, normal, educated person. You are a parent of one or several kids maybe, or maybe not. You did everything by the book, sort of speaking! At least, you did your best, to follow the lead of those who have helped in the forming of who you are today.

You are loyal and faithful!

No fooling around! You are doing everything in your power to please everybody. Sometimes, many times, you even ignore yourself, so you please others better. You may believe this is a kind of a virtue, a value you keep up in your value hierarchy, even if you are totally unaware of what values really are, and about how you get them, and how you keep them.

If you are aware of your true values, and their hierarchy, and if it makes sense to you to keep them as they are, continue to do so! However, I think, you are here because it doesn’t make sense to you; not because it does.

How can you tell, if it makes sense to you or not?

It’s really simple!

See how you feel about it!

Here is a good question you can ask yourself, right now. As you remember I want us to start doing something about your challenges, right away:

What kind of emotions do you experience when you ignore your own passion, joy and enthusiasm, because you believe you should please other people, first, and only afterwards do what you truly feel like doing?

I mean it!

Ask yourself this question now! It is challenging, I know! You may not like the answer to this question. It may feel like you are very much against your education, but: where does that education come from? It comes from your parents, your caregivers; your Gods! You may have built all your life, like most people have, on this education you got from your parents, first, and from the culture-story, you’ve been raised in, second.

That’s normal.

All of us go through this two-phase process, and, very few of us take the third phase. Yes, there is a third phase, but, as you already know, most people stop at phase number two: the cultural, social and formal educational process. That is probably where you too, have stopped.

Nevertheless, the third phase of your life is building your own education from within you. You can also, originate thoughts! Your own. And, this is what we are doing in here. We help you see: you can originate thoughts of your own.

That is when you decide to know what you don’t know. Which brings us back to one of the biggest challenges you may have right now: stuff doesn’t make sense anymore!

You go through rapid changes with no manuals to them! You go through life experiences that may contradict everything you believed you already knew, but which you obviously don’t!

Again: what don’t you know?

Essentially: YOU!

When stuff doesn’t make sense anymore you begin your wondering, and this is so good! You are entering into an intentional process of deliberate thinking and you grow. In other words, you are deliberately entering a process of self-discovery and self- realization, of knowing yourself, essentially. This process is empowering you with new knowledge, new actions, and new real-life results.

This process is empowering you, period.

“Wondering” is the first phase in the continuum life process we are all in, all the time, but, still, you are not consciously aware of it, yet.

As you begin to wonder, you move up into a new cycle. No matter who you are, woman or man, no matter where you are, as in your geographical location on Earth, you, me and all of us are in our own cycles of the life continuum process which translates to us, in our daily life, as thinking.

It can be done deliberately, with conscious awareness, or by default, which is how many people are experiencing it.

Let’s break it into chunks!

Wondering, Conceiving, Receiving, Perceiving, Filtering, Opening, and, finally Understanding. We acknowledge the process and we allow it to work through us as the creative life we are meant to live.

In my experience, I have found 21 questions that helped me, a while ago, to intentionally start my wondering process. They may do the same for you. These questions were in my mind for a very long time. Also, over the years, I discovered many other people who wonder at these very questions, frequently. These days, literally, still, I find the questions in many conversations, online and offline. Maybe you wonder about them, too.

I hope you do.

Here are the questions

  1. What is mindful thinking?
  2. Meditation today: what is it?
  3. Brain sync: what does meditation do?
  4. Meditation dynamics: how to?
  5. Spiritual growth: Tuning in? 
  6. How can I be more spiritual?
  7. Attaining enlightenment: what is it?
  8. What is karma?
  9. Enlightenment: how to?
  10. What is channeling?
  11. Beliefs make or break us?
  12. What are the emotional and mental attachments?
  13. Prayer: what is it?
  14. Making reality: How?
  15. What is an awakening experience?
  16. Higher mind mystery: what is IT?
  17. What is higher self?
  18. How can I eliminate “bad karma”?
  19. How can I change?
  20. Can anybody channel?

And, the last one:

21. Does this make sense to you?

I’ve decided to use these questions as a vehicle that takes us deeper into wondering. “Does this make sense to you?” is the one question, I will not really answer. I will, however, answer all the other 20 remaining questions. In the end, I will ask you, again!

Does this make sense to you?

Why? Because, I believe, you need to arrive at your own answers. It will really make no sense if I’m finding your sense for you. I cannot do that. Nor can anybody, even if, you will find people who will hurry up and give you one. A purpose, some idea of sense, a program or your entire paradigm.

You don’t want that. You want your own “Kingdom of God!” which is your birthright and in every cell of your being. We are getting there!

In the coming episode, I’m sharing with you my thoughts regarding Mindful thinking.

You can find all the episodes of the “Think Zing!” series hosted at The Zingnificent Show.

Until then, be well.

Sandi Dragoi

Informal Educator, Author of "Think Zing! How to be YOU!", "Transformation Inside-Out" online course, and other self-awareness courses and books. The Host of The Zingnificent Show, Speaker & Personal Instructor. Above everything, Dad, in Love! ❤️

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